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The SVIA Has Been Planting Barrels for 40+ years

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 7/3/24 | 7/3/24

By Liz Page

STAMFORD – They wear green shirts with bright sunflowers on them and you see them from time to time tending to the barrels along Main Street in the village of Stamford. While the sidewalk project has required them to move the barrels and cluster them at different locations, the Stamford Village Improvement Association just planted the 100 barrels that everyone admires each summer.

This year they added hanging baskets to the mix. And they plant the various park areas.

Ulla Wadner wants people to know that it is a labor of love for the SVIA and they are always looking for new members to help with its various projects and money to keep those projects going. They plant and maintain the flower barrels, purchase and maintain the holiday decorations, maintain the scarecrows and decorate the gazebo in Veterans Park. They also plant and maintain several park areas in the village.

Anyone who appreciates the flower project and the beauty it provides each summer, may send donations to the SVIA, P.O. Box

Last Summer, the annual Geno Govern Memorial Golf Tournament at the Stamford Golf Club chose the SVIA to receive the proceeds from the tournament. Each year they select a worthy cause. Gene Govern Jr. thanked the SVIA for all they do to make the village a better place. T

Wadner said the money is greatly appreciated and will help with the purchase of trees for the new park that will be developed, once the Main St. sidewalk project is complete.  She said they also need to replace the wreaths placed along Main Street for the holidays. When the wreaths come down, there are seasonal banners in their place to mark the seasons.

Wadner said they are also very appreciative of the Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation which provides funding each year, through a grant, for the flower barrels to be watered each summer. She thanked Matt Popp who has been doing it now for several years, to make sure the flowers stay beautiful all summer long.

Meetings of the SVIA are held the third Wednesday of each month, except through the summer, at 6:30 p.m. at the Railroad Station located at the intersection of Railroad Ave. and South Street in the village of Stamford. Anyone wishing to contribute to this worthwhile project may send a tax deductible donation to SVIA, P.O. Box 44, Stamford, NY 12167.

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