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Fall Brings Three-Way Sheriff's Race to Schoharie County

Written By Editor on 9/5/13 | 9/5/13

Fall for Schoharie County might typically represent beautiful foliage, crisp apple cider and the return of turkey and deer hunting season, but this year features a political twist for residents this November: a three-way Sheriff's election that has merged political and departmental lines to create the most interesting local race in years.

On the Republican ticket we have incumbent Sheriff Tony Desmond, who was originally elected to his position on the Democrat and Conservative lines in 2009 against Bill Slater, while the Democrats - furious at Sheriff Desmond's party hopping - have put up the highly competent and experience Cobleskill Police Chief Larry Travis as their candidate and perhaps the most daring candidate of all, Conservative Todd Ethington, a deputy-sheriff who is challenging his boss Mr. Desmond. 

As it stands, voters have two months to consider their three choices and ultimately make a decision in the ballot box, including myself, the editor of The Schoharie News, which hopes to bring you continuous updates on the state of this vitally important election, and as we learn more about the candidates, perhaps we'll be prepared to cast our vote for the next Sheriff. 

One way or another, with all candidates hitting the campaign trail and placing their yard signs across the county - it is going to make for a very interesting political season that could come down to yet again just dozens of votes to decide who will hold our most important public office until 2017.
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