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County Board Votes to Release Fitzmaurice Report 14-1

Written By Editor on 10/24/13 | 10/24/13

After an exhausting four and half session behind closed doors, the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors voted 14-1 shortly after ten this evening to release the original report for public consumption. Mr. Fitzmaurice did not have the second volume of the Report ready for consumption.
Esperance Supervisor Van Wormer motioned for the original report to be released and was seconded by his Middleburgh counterpart Jim Buzon. Discussion of the motion was limited: with Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone stating that he thought it was "very important to inform the general public" on its contents and Board Chairman Phil Skowfoe explaining that "the second portion [of the report] has not been digested" by the board and that it "will be revealed as well."
County Attorney Mike West then announced that when the second portion is received by the county, his office will forward it and Fitzmaurice's recommendations to the State Civil Service to review. Chairman Supervisor echoed Mr. West's comments by observing that this "could go to the attorney general."
The motion received an "aye" vote to release the original report that was finalized in February of this year from every board member except for Supervisor Milone, who was obviously at pains with his decision, voted against the motion of the grounds that the report should be released in its entirety.
Following the board's hastily vote to adjourn, Supervisor Milone stated that the original report is "misleading" and that the accusations in it are determined to be "unfounded" in the yet to be released second report, agreeing with the Schoharie News description of his stance this evening as "passionate."
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