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Tom Murray Ally of Ethingtons, Involved in Civil Service Abuse in "the Report"

Written By Editor on 10/24/13 | 10/24/13

Cobleskill Supervisor Tom Murray has been mentioned several times in the Report. There are several portions describing actions supporting the actions taken by Personnel Director Cassandra Ethington and abusive towards County employees.

According to Murray's own words, he entered into Central Data Processing after the flood and swore at two employees. He did admit this unrehearsed and called his behavior "inappropriate." He was criticized by CDP's head. He then apologized to the employees. One of the employees interviewed was so upset by the event that they refused to continue with the interview in fear of retaliation.

Murray also asked the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Public Works if he wanted the Commissioner's job. He was told yes and received an email. Murray then told the Board of Supervisors that the candidate was not interested in the position. Murray denies this and says that he did in fact inform the Board Clerk through email.

Murray allegedly told another employee that after they complained about a hiring they believed to be political that he was not on the "right team." Murray, Ethington, and two others threatened the employee. The employee was then placed upon the layoff list.

In another incident Mr. Murray was with Mr. Goblet and Mrs. Ethington. Murray yelled at another female employee to the point of tears. Ethington said nothing.

Mr. Murray also pushed for the firing of Planning Department employee Sean Jordan, telling him that he was too young and inexperienced for the job. Jordan was 27 at the time and was laid off. He was replaced by a 28 year old immediately thereafter. In a court deposition, Mr. Jordan claims that Mr. Murray stated that according to Alicia Terry, part of the reason for the firing was that Mr. Murray did not like him.

Mr. Murray was also accused of sexism by Sharon Supervisor Sandra Manko. When asked about sexism in the workplace, the worst of the offenders she stated was Mr. Murray. Murray "went up one side of her and down another" during a meeting.

About sexism, Mr. Murray said, "Every time we get a really smart female-- we have some bright girls-- we have Alicia Terry, I'll just name a few. We have Alicia Terry, Cassandra Ethington's just so bright, Colleen [Fullford] I'm sure is bright. I see these people being, I don't know if it's discriminated against, but they aren't treated like they should be treated. These girls should be wrapped in cotton and put in a glass jar so nothing happens to them."

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