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Ethington Winning Fundraising Battle

Written By Editor on 10/17/13 | 10/17/13

Todd Ethington's campaign is in the clear lead as far as fundraising. According to the New York State election database the candidates have been raising money since early this year. Ethington has taken the clear lead.

Contributions per Candidate
Todd Ethington (C): 45 donor lines, $13,073.80
Larry Travis (D): 9 donor lines, $2,215
Tony Desmond (R) 2 donor lines, $1,100

The numbers are a bit skewed as 21 of the 45 donor lines for the Ethington campaign come directly from the candidate or his wife. Ethington has also benefited from support within the County civil service receiving the $100 from Jefferson Supervisor Dan Singletary and $100 from County Planning head Alicia Terry.

The People for Todd campaign has also benefitted from $500 from Michael Galasso, the Vice President of Cobleskill Stone and close relative of Cobleskill Mayor Mark Galasso. He also received $100 from former Cobleskill Supervisor Mike Montario.

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