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Travis Camp Receives $250 Contribution From Former Sheriff Bates

Written By Editor on 10/17/13 | 10/17/13

Former Republican Sheriff John Bates Jr., who has remained publicly quiet since spearheading the failed candidacy of Duane Tillipaugh to the county's Republican committee in June, has taken sides in the upcoming sheriff's election: not by way of public endorsement, but rather by financial contribution to one of the contenders.

According to the New York State elections database for campaign filings, which has Mr. Ethington winning the fundraising battle with over $11,000 raised thus far in the race, Sheriff Bates has not sided with either his former subordinate or his successor, but rather Cobleskill Police Chief Larry Travis. 

In the form of a individual contribution on September 16th, Sheriff Bates gave $250 to the Friends of Larry Travis committee according to campaign's 32 day pre-general report to the state board of elections. His financial show of support is joined by the county Democratic Committee's $1,000 offering and Richmondville Mayor Kevin Neary's $200 contribution over the same period to Mr. Travis' campaign.

Although the former long-time occupant of the Sheriff's Office has remained mostly quiet through out this election, when compared to his efforts in support of his undersheriff Bill Slater in 2009 or Deputy Tillipaugh this Spring, his financial contribution in support of Chief Travis definitely speaks louder than words.

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randy said...

Background: Bates has always been a stalwart Republican to the point of being downright silly.
Deputy Tillapaugh was offered the sergeants job back when Bates was the sheriff... except he failed the teat twice. Then he was sorta offered a Technical sergeants position ... but they thought better about it and passed over him again.
Bates personal hatred for Desmond goes all the way back to when they both were troopers.
Now... the stalwart Republican supports the Democrat ? I imagine big shot Bates won't be getting invited over to Judge Lamonts house for supper again anytime soon.

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