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Opinion: Keep Earl Supervisor

Written By Editor on 10/31/13 | 10/31/13

There is but one logical choice in the Town of Esperance's contentious campaign between incumbent Supervisor Earl Van Wormer and Village of Esperance Mayor Steve Miller - and that is undoubtedly to "Keep Earl Supervisor," as hundreds of signs proclaim across the small town's roadsides.
Mr. Van Wormer, who was first elected to the position in 1993, has successfully accomplished the dramatic reduction of energy costs for county government and the acquisition of millions of dollars for Esperance projects through state grants, including his town's unique position as the only non-village in the county to receive funds in Governor Cuomo's recently announced $12 million package.
Although no longer serving as Board of Supervisors Chairman, a position he held for almost ten years in a time where county government worked effectively and without widespread controversy, Mr. Van Wormer continues to bring a sense of compromise and passion to his work on the board despite tensions reaching an all time high among the other supervisors.
Mr. Van Wormer's twenty years of service might be a good enough reason for some to pull the level for his opponent on Tuesday, but the way we see is that Earl still has a lot to contribute to both the town and county governments and that we cannot afford to lose a cool headed, independent statesmen in this time of political upheaval.
As such, the Schoharie News would like to endorse Mr. Van Wormer in Tuesday's election and hope he continues to play a pivotal role in shaping county politics for years to come.
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Norie61 said...

Is this because you misquoted him in your previous article?
Wasn't he Chairman when all this stuff was going on?

Slackeyed said...

I thought he had more important things to do, wanted to get on with his life?

Editor said...

Norie61 - No. Both the alleged harassment and misconduct occurred at the end of Supervisor Vroman's first term in 2011 and the Schoharie News was already in the process of writing this article before the misquote. Mr. Van Wormer is not mentioned in the report once and was a supporter from the opening gate for it.

Slackeyed - No. That was a misquote on behalf of myself due a miscommunication during Mr. Van Wormer's interview.

New York Wildlife Rescue Center said...
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