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The Report: Harassed Employees Felt Unprotected by Union

Written By Editor on 10/25/13 | 10/25/13

There are many issues of alleged discrimination and intimidation in the recently released County Report. However, many of the employees felt that they would not be protected by their CSEA-affiliated union. In fact, some believed that if they complained that they would be retaliated against.

The vast majority of employees said that they did not file a report with their Local Union 848. A lack of aggressiveness from the union was noted by the employees. A local union representative said that the reason for this was that CSEA in Albany did not give enough financial support. Neither did the union ask for assistance for two employees laid off in 2012.

Local union President Barbara Schaffer said that there are multiple complaints filed by employees per year. The more serious are sent to the state union.

Meanwhile the employees themselves said that even when they felt that they had legitimate grievances, they "did not have confidence in local CSEA representation." This was across the board in three different departments.

If they did file a claim and lost they could be fired or demoted.

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