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Todd Ethington in "the Report:" My Wife and I Were Harassed

Written By Editor on 10/25/13 | 10/25/13

During the course of the investigation into the Fitzmaurice and Walsh report, Deputy and current Sheriff's candidate Todd Ethington was interviewed. He was the only deputy that chose to speak without an attorney.

Ethington stated that there were "incidents of misbehavior in the Sheriff's Department" and handed the attorneys logbooks dating as far back as 2006 to show this. He said that he enjoyed a poor relationship with the last Sheriff, John Bates. On several occasions, Ethington said, Bates did not say hello to him.

He also said that his wife Cassandra was harassed. He showed an email allegedly sent by the Clerk of the County Board to the members criticizing his wife. He presented this to Undersheriff Ron Stevens, who said that he would investigate it. Ethington believed that this investigation was flawed and that Stevens had withheld information, reportedly saying "this is bigger than you think."

Due to this the husband and wife hired an attorney and filed a notice of claim against Schoharie County. After a meeting between this attorney and the County "the harassment stopped for a short period." Both Ethingtons say that they dropped their lawsuit after being assured by several Supervisors that the "harassing behavior would stop."

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randy said...
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randy said...

Liar - liar - pants on fire.
I wonder how many decent hard working deputies keep a log book to cover their butt.
And yes.. poor Todd certainly did have a poor relationship with Bates.
Bates has said several times over the years he wondered how the dumb ass got hired.

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