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County Board to Meet on Reinstating Fired Employees

Written By Editor on 11/18/13 | 11/18/13

The Schoharie County Board of Supervisors will be meeting to discuss the overall budget proposed by Budget Officer Bill Cherry and will have an extra item on the agenda. Extended discussion was held on Friday revolving around several employees fired during the tenure of suspended Personnel Director Cassandra Ethington.

Multiple Supervisors spoke about what to do about employees that were let go in late 2011 such as Eva Gigandet and Penny Grimes. Mrs. Grimes spoke to the Board and discussed how she worked her way into her position and "earned" her paycheck. Esperance Supervisor Earl vanWormer echoed similar sentiments, calling for reinstatement.

Seward Supervisor Carl Barbic supported a similar tack, but under further consideration. He requested a further look into the budget before making such a decision. After this, Treasurer Bill Cherry said that he would again look into the budget to allow restitution and that he would support such a re-hiring.

Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone asked for a special meeting to discuss such a re-hire, saying that it was not fair to leave the former employees waiting to know what would happen. He said that the Board should "come to conclusion" on the issue. He called it a "no-brainer" and said that the employees were "wrongfully dismissed."

Cobleskill Supervisor Tom Murray disagreed, stating that the State Supreme Court said that the employees were not wrongfully dismissed.

A majority on the Board did not agree with a consensus call to hold a special meeting at this time.

Penny Grimes Speaking to the Board. Photo Credit SCHOPEG
Former employee Penny Grimes spoke again, asking Mr. Murray what he meant. Murray stated that he did not believe that the Fitzmaurce Report "holds a lot of merit." Grimes stated that the voters supported what the Board did regarding the Report. She said that she was "sick and tired" of other people implying that the Report was a "pack of lies" while looking in Murray's direction. She said that she would not want to sue again, but could in the future.

Watch part of the exchange below. Video credit from SCHOPEG.

Instead of a special meeting, Phil Skowfoe instead asked for the consideration of these issues on December 10th during a regular budget meeting.
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