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Ethington to Supporters: I Will Fight to Make Activity Like the Schoharie News "Illegal"

Written By Editor on 11/3/13 | 11/3/13

Editor's note: Below is a copy of what Todd Ethington placed on his public Facebook page. It is in its entirety so that I won't be accused of taking things out of context-- and with some emphasis added. After his interview the Ethington campaign has made zero efforts to reach out to me or correct any "half-truths." I am the Schoharie County Young Republican Chair and am willing to support worthy candidates of any party. My site is mine alone and not the mouthpiece for the GOP or any candidate.

Todd Ethington blasted critics for what he described as "bullying." He calls for actions like the Schoharie News and the criticism that he and his wife as received to become illegal. As to not color opinion on his words-- here they are in their entirety posted on Facebook.
The Schoharie News is run by the President of the Schoharie County young republicans. Each day he reports a story with half truths or that are completely incorrect. He has been given information to correct his stories or to get both sides, yet he never does. He has used this site to push the Republican views onto the public as truthful and researched news, when in fact they are not. I have run a positive campaign, I have not attacked another candidate and when my supporters have wanted to respond to the nonsense I have asked them not to. I am all for freedom of speech but this has become ridiculous. I guess the behavior of the adults explains how and why kids are bullying others kids to the point of suicide. People are hiding behind fake screen names attacking each other, what has happened in the world to make people think this kind of behavior is acceptable. Win or lose I am going to make it my life's mission to get laws passed making this kind of behavior illegal. The internet was not made to attack people, it was made to connect with people.
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randy said...

Betcha dimes to donuts he did not write that .......... no misspelled words and it wasn't overly confusing. I've seen stuff he has written and that post isn't screwed up enough.
I bet the misses did it .... now she has the free time.

donna reinhart said...

i would think that this would fall under the freedom of speech and/or of the press! of course im not a college graduate, just filled with common sense, and to know right from wrong. these folks must be BIG supporters of the muslim a$$hole in the white house?? just expressing my constitutional rights!! glad im not there in that county or state!!

Richard A. Sherman said...

The poll did not actually sway my vote, just confirmed it. If what Mr. Ethington's statements are true or not is not my concern on his comment. However, the fact that he would like us to elect a Sheriff who has pledged his life's mission to be the curtailment of "FREE SPEECH" is cause for thought. Like Mr. Ethington I wish people had the guts to put their names to their comments as well, however you cannot ask people to sign their exercise of free speech and then threaten to work to restrict it. Restrictions needs laws and laws have punishments. Free speech and punishment are not compatible. That is a very scary concept. Richard Sherman

Unknown said...

Well said Dick. I wouldn't be surprised if there were people out there that still fear some form of retaliation

broadcastmike said...

Where is this posted? Link please.

Editor said...

Unknown said...

Apparently you must friend request the candidate to see anything more than pictures. Most candidates use an actual "page" which makes it easier to see their stuff without having to "like" the page or "friend request". I couldn't see anything.

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