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The Schoharie News to Ethington: From our Cold, Dead Hands

Written By Editor on 11/3/13 | 11/3/13

Todd Ethington believes that he can rally his supporters against the allegations against his wife Cassandra by attacking the messenger. Ultimately, it is not the Schoharie News, or Gene Milone, or Bill Cherry that acted in the way that Cassandra Ethington and her allies did. That is their burden to bear, not for those that are fighting against it.

The allies of the Conservative Party have been up to one dirty trick after another: alleged illegal push polling against Dan Singletary's opponent Sean Jordan, a mailer attacking Bill Cherry, Carl Barbic, Gene Milone, and Phil Skowfoe for daring to stand up to the Ethington machine, and now a call for the very First Amendment rights that we hold dear to be silenced.

No, Mr. Ethington.

Soldiers fought and died for that right. Men and women worked diligently for decades to protect that right. The Constitution was written to ensure that right.

Freedom of the press and freedom of speech are not simple playthings to be thrown away when things are not going your way.

If you want coverage to change, act differently. If you want negative coverage to become positive, be constructive yourself.

To call for the silencing of people you disagree with is against the values that you have taken an oath to uphold.

If you want to stop democracy-- if you want to stop the Schoharie News-- if you want to stop the discourse of the people of the County-- if you want to stop investigations into corruption-- if you want to trample upon the natural rights of anyone we have a message for you:

From our cold, dead hands.
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Very well said,And I received the anti American mailer today ,What a crock of shit.

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