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Last Portion of Report Documentation Withheld, Could be Used for Legal Action

Written By Editor on 11/14/13 | 11/14/13

The Schoharie County Board of Supervisors has one part of the Fitzmaurice Report still under wraps. The official documentation for the second portion of the Report has still not been released. There is general consensus of Board members that the information should be made public in time, but there is a wait for the release.

District Attorney Jim Sacket spoke to the County Board on November 1st, waiting on further information before coming public on recommendation for legal action. Hundreds of pages of County records, emails, and other documents are included in the portfolio.

The documents have been partially summarized in the second part of the Fitzmaurice Report and are partially culled from public record. However, the information taken from County emails remain private and include names of employees that were redacted in both issues of the Report. Sources indicate that the documentation includes more content revolving around how Supervisors or former Supervisors such as Martin Shrederis and Tom Murray were involved with giving more power to Cassandra Ethington. According to the first part of the Report, Murray was also involved with Ethington and Conservative Party Bill Hanson.

This documentation could be used after the public hearing on Cassandra Ethington's employment with the County. Whether or not legal action will be filed is unclear, but circumstances are different than the first portion of the Report's documentation. The first set of documentation was released, but did not include as much sensitive information.
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