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Legal Protection's End May Bring Suits Against Ethington

Written By Editor on 11/14/13 | 11/14/13

Cassandra Ethington's issues with residents of Schoharie County will not end at the dismissal hearing early next month. The event, tenatively dated for early December may very well see the currently-suspended Personnel Chief fired from her position with the County. While this would be a dramatic event, other issues will likely take its place.

First is the end of a legal shield for Ethington. As of today, any lawsuits filed against Ethington for her role as Personnel Director will be met by the County. In the past, as with lawsuits filed by Penny Grimes, Ethington was defended by attorneys paid for by the County. Once she is let go, the legal protection ends and the costs come straight from her pocket.

Beyond this, the risk of lawuits appear very high. Previously dismissed lawsuits for employees such as Grimes, Eva Gigandet, and Sean Jordan could be re-litigated. In addition, employees that were let go during her tenure with the Personnel or Health Department may now sue, understanding that the County is no longer behind her.

While the County itself may be sued by current and former employees, the chance of personal lawsuits has risen with the release of both portions of the Fitzmaurice Report. These could begin by the end of the year.
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