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Poll: Wait and See on Reinstating Fired Employees

Written By Editor on 11/24/13 | 11/24/13

The general sentiment around the County has been to review many of the circumstances surrounding the tenure of former Personnel Director Cassandra Ethington. This remains the case in the most recent Schoharie News poll. Many support immediate reinstatement of the former employees fired by Ethington, but a plurality support more investigation before the decision is made.

Should the Employees Fired During Ethington's Tenure Be Reinstated?

Yes, all- 37: 27%
Yes, if mentioned in the Fitzmaurice Report- 21: 15%
No- 25: 18%
Too early to tell- 56: 40%
Total: 138

The next several weeks will see the departure of the current Board of Supervisors and the seating of the new ones. What the new Board will do is still uncertain, but there will be a further inquiry as the situation unravels.
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