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Thieves Steal ATV's, Game Consoles and More from Jefferson Oorah Camp; Two Thousand Dollar Reward Offered for Info

Written By Editor on 12/8/13 | 12/8/13

In what can only be described as a despicable act, thieves targeted Jefferson's TheZone campsite that is run by the New Jersey based Jewish organization Oorah on Tuesday evening - in the midst of Hanukkah - and stole thousands of dollars worth of ATV's, gaming consoles and television screens that children affiliated with the charity use on retreats to the complex formerly known as Deer Run Ski Lodge.
Rabbi Avraham Krewiec, who is director of both TheZone campsites in Schoharie County, said that "these items are used in the camp to give the children a great time." He added that "during a winter retreat, a functioning game room is a significant indoor activity that really contributes a lot to the success of the weekend."
According to an official press release issued by representatives of Oorah
Security cameras on site caught footage of the robbery. New York State police are reviewing the footage, which includes several images of the thieves. Oorah is enhancing these images and will be releasing them to the public shortly. Camp representatives are confident that with the help of the state police, who are working diligently on the case, the perpetrators will be apprehended before long.
This has encouraged officials within TheZone, which also has a second campsite in the Town of Gilboa, to offer a $2,000 reward to anyone who can provide local authorities with information leading to the arrest of the thieves and the return of the gaming equipment, which they hope will be recovered in time for an upcoming scheduled New Years weekend retreat.
"It's horrifying to think that anyone would be callous enough to steal games from children," lamented Rabbi Krawiec, who concluded his statement by saying: "especially during the holiday season and especially from a non-profit." If anyone has any information regarding this crime, please contact the State Police, Sheriff's office or Oorah with whatever details you can provide.

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Unknown said...

I hope that apprehending these fine gents will make the entire neighborhood a bit safer!

Ima Kaplan said...

I am really saddened to hear about this theft. We enjoy the campus & all it has to offer, including it's safety. Looking forward to reading about how they caught these guys.

Unknown said...

Shame on them, stealing from a charity.

Unknown said...

how's it a charity ? 2g's per session?

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