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Police Bike Patrols Returning to Cobleskill

Written By Cicero on 3/24/15 | 3/24/15

Members of the Cobleskill Police Department are about to become more interactive and visible in the county's largest municipality this summer, where officers will trade squad cars for bicycles in a patrol not seen in almost twenty years.

Photo courtesy of the Cobleskill PD facebook page
Instituted for only a few years in the mid-nineties before going into a two decade hiatus, Cobleskill Police Chief Rich Bialkowski stated in a recent sit-down interview that he believed it was time to bring the bike patrol back. 

"I always thought it was a good thing because they [police officers] are more interactive," stated Chief Bialkowski. The police head further commented that utilizing bicycles, "Allows us to patrol in ways you can't in a car."

Set to be put in service when the weather breaks, the department will be using two bikes to perform patrols in the community of over four thousand over the summer months. The bikes will be sporting logos designed by John Stiles.

The only department slated to use bike patrols in the county, Cobleskill Police are in good company with campus police at nearby SUNY Cobleskill, who maintain the only mounted patrol in the 64-campus state university system.

In addition to being an asset to allow officers to reach places that squad cars are not able to, Chief Bialkowski expects the new patrols to be used in patrolling parades and reaching out to youth through bike safety programs.

Summarizing his thoughts on the initiative, the chief stated that he believes it will be a "very positive thing for us."
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