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Ethington, Desmond Neck and Neck in SN Poll

Written By Editor on 9/30/13 | 9/30/13

The only poll of the 2013 Schoharie County Sheriff's race has been right here on the Schoharie News. The unscientific poll is not traditional, but it is at least a glimpse into the close race.

The most energy appears to be coming from the Deputy Ethington and Sheriff Desmond camps, and appears in the poll. Both candidates are near each other while Cobleskill Police Chief Travis camp is lagging behind. As of 3:40 today there have been 300 votes. The current percentages have Ethington in the lead.

Ethington (C) -- 42%
Desmond* (R) -- 37%
Travis (D) -- 21%

* Denotes incumbent

The poll also has 57 comments as our readers have been sparring over the right choice for the job. Again, most comments revolve around the current Sheriff or the Deputy.
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