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Ethington Endorsed by Former Sheriff Harvey Stoddard

Written By Editor on 10/4/13 | 10/4/13

Tony Desmond may have the support of the current Sheriff of Otsego County, but Todd Ethington has picked up support from someone a little closer to home. One of Desmond's predecessors, Harvey Stoddard, has endorsed Todd Ethington in his Conservative Party contest for Sheriff. The endorsement is a large step but is contrasted with a large amount of local police support for the current Sheriff, as well. Former Sheriff John Bates has not made an official endorsement after strongly supporting Desmond's 2009 opponent, Bill Slater.
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Deputy said...

And? The truth is Harvey Stoddard is a generation removed from office, and has endorsed 4 different candidates for Sheriff since his departure. His endorsememt really means nothing to an office that has very few members left from his tenure. I'd take Sheriff Devlin's endorsement before I'd consider Stoddards. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Todd Ethington needs to and will lose this election. It's amazing to think that this is even still a question at this point. Todd and his wife Cassandra (and their allies including Tom Murray, Dan Singletary, Alicia Terry, Harold Vroman, Bob Mann and Martin Schrederis) are the poison that is keeping Schoharie County from any real advancement on a multitude of fronts. When any one of these people starts speaking with "the good of the County" in mind, what they are really getting at is self preservation at any cost to the County.

Deputy said...

Hammer meet nail! Well said

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