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American Legion Unveils Flag Drop Box in Middleburgh

Written By Editor on 5/18/14 | 5/18/14

With recently placed American flags dotting both sides of downtown Middleburgh Saturday afternoon, members of the American Legion were joined by Village Mayor Matthew Avitabile in the unveiling of a flag drop box in front of the village offices at 309 Main Street as part of Armed Forces Day. 

Photo by Sheila Donegan
It is recommended that the flag, when no longer fit for public display, be turned in to the American Legion for proper disposal. United States Flag Code states, "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."

Seward Meets With Schoharie County American Legion to Discuss Jobs for Veterans, SAFE Act

Written By Editor on 3/19/14 | 3/19/14

ALBANY, 03/18/14 -- State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I – Oneonta) met Tuesday afternoon in Albany with American Legion representatives from Schoharie County during the American Legion Department of New York annual legislative day.

“Our proud servicemen and women make great sacrifices defending our rights and freedoms,” said Senator Seward.  “I was pleased to discuss their concerns and learn more about legislation supported by the American Legion and our 1.7 million New York State veterans.”

From left, Senator James L. Seward, Schoharie County Commander Gary Schacher, Schoharie County Veterans’ Service Officer Eilene Fisher, Michael Saccento (Middleburgh Post 248), Myron Kniskern (Cobleskill Post 57), Paul Todd (Sharon Springs Post 1269).  
Senator Seward is a co-sponsor of the “NY Jobs for Heroes Program” which passed the senate overwhelmingly earlier this year.  The legislation, which is among the American Legion’s priority bills, creates a state contract preference for service-connected disabled veteran owned small businesses.

“The ‘NY Jobs for Heroes Program’ will mean careers and new opportunities for our returning disabled veterans and their families.  After sacrificing to protect and secure the American Dream our brave servicemen and women should be able to realize that dream themselves,” Seward added.

The American Legion is also calling for the repeal of the NY-SAFE act.  Senator Seward is a co-sponsor of multiple senate bills that would repeal the NY-SAFE Act and additional legislation that would repeal the anti-gun provisions of the law, but leave in place stricter penalties for crimes committed with firearms and measures to deal with the dangerously mentally ill.

“I voted against the NY-SAFE Act because it is an extreme measure which punishes law abiding citizens like our veterans while failing to confront the root causes of gun violence.  I proudly stand with the American Legion in opposition to this act which infringes on the very rights they fought to defend,” Seward concluded.

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