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Middleburgh Schedules Bus Vote November 12th

Written By Editor on 10/21/13 | 10/21/13

Despite the bus proposition failing this spring, the Middleburgh Central School will be asking its voters to decide if they would like another bite at the apple. The school posted a story about this on their website. The proposition will be voted on in three weeks and will be asking whether or not to purchase three buses for a total of about $270,000.
Ten years is considered to be the useful life of a school bus in New York State, where the use of corrosive materials on snowy and icy roads accelerates rusting in vehicles. The district currently has two buses older than 10 years, three that are 9 years old, and four that are 8 years old. "The standards our buses need to meet to satisfy NYS DOT are some of the most stringent in the country. The cost to our district to meet these standards on our older buses increases at an accelerated rate as they age," Waldron said. "There comes a point where the District needs to consider whether we are putting more money into a bus than it is worth."
The vote will take part from noon to 9pm in the High School Gym Lobby.

MCS Nears Weight Room Rehab Completion

Written By Editor on 9/12/13 | 9/12/13

Middleburgh Central School has taken another step in healing the scars of Irene. In one of the most vulnerable parts of the high school the weight room underwent a large amount of damage two years ago. Now, in an announcement on its facebook page the school has closed in on finishing touches.
From the MCS Facebook page

MCS Names Davidson as Principal

Written By Editor on 9/6/13 | 9/6/13

Tracy Davidson has been named as new principal at Middleburgh elementary school. She replaces long-time Principal Amy Lennon who retired in June.

Davidson was given a probationary three-year appointment by the board at a salary of $66,667 for the first year.

Budget Passes, Tax Hike At MCS

Written By Editor on 6/22/13 | 6/22/13

Middleburgh voters approved the 2013-2014 budget on the second go around. The budget was approved by a 592-414 (59-41%) margin. The new budget raised taxes by 2.68 percent, significantly lower than the initial proposal. This was still above the zero percent threshold proposed by MCS School Board member Mike Fisher. Total spending increases by .2% to $20,189,799-- a $39,308% increase. Still, with a declining tax base after Irene, the tax rate per property increased at a higher rate than the budget's expansion.

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