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New Slate Fitness to Open in Sharon Springs Soon

Written By Editor on 5/7/14 | 5/7/14

After months of anticipation the Sharon Springs community is close to seeing New Slate Fitness, a physical fitness club located on Route 20 and owned by former U.S. Open tennis coach Da-lai Wu, open its doors and services to the general public.

In a message published on New Slate's facebook page, readers were informed that the facility's fitness equipment and flooring have already been ordered and are expected to arrive soon, at least "two weeks ahead of schedule."

Consequently, the flooring - in addition to phone and internet service for select aerobic equipment, and the completed construction of the examination/training room - are all expected to arrive or be finished by the coming weekend. Additional aerobic and resistance training equipment will arrive next week.

Mr. Wu, who unsuccessfully pursued purchasing the Maranatha Family Center over the course of last fall into early winter, has also explored opening a gym/fitness center in the Middleburgh community's abandoned Grand Union building. 

Pre-sales for combined personal training/club memberships and general memberships will be announced soon, as will New Slate Fitness' official hours of operations and membership prices.

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