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Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail Featured at Albany International Airport

Written By Editor on 9/29/16 | 9/29/16

The Albany International Airport Art & Culture Program presents the exhibition Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail in the Annex Gallery through December 20, 2016.  The production of quilts has traditionally been a group activity that both supports the needs of individuals and cements the bonds of community.  The Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail aims to do just this by establishing a series of large-scale quilt block paintings throughout the County for locals and visitors to enjoy.

In August 2011, severe flooding from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee devastated the Schoharie County landscape and economy.  The non-profit Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail was conceived as part of a nation-wide movement to attract tourism and build regional spirit through the placement of these vivid, hand-painted 4X4’ and 8X8’ square quilt blocks on public and private buildings throughout rural hamlets and small towns.

Annex Gallery, Albany International Airport, Albany, NY. Photo credit Ginny Schaum     
Today, there are over 110 quilt block paintings for visitors to enjoy on their way to the area’s many scenic parks, museums, B&B’s, family farm stands and seasonal attractions.  This exhibition of photographs by Debra Bechtold documents a selection of the paintings where one would find them within the now-thriving landscape of Schoharie County, New York.

The Annex Gallery is located on the second floor of the Albany International Airport’s terminal, before the security checkpoint, and is therefore open to the general public.  To learn more about the Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail, visit For more information about the exhibition, visit   And for more information about visiting Schoharie County, visit or call 1(800)41-VISIT.

Tourism Magazine Highlights County's Bounty

Written By Editor on 9/24/14 | 9/24/14

Schoharie County has a new, independent tourism magazine. As we reported in March, The Seasons of Schoharie County, published by Cathleen Berry of Grindstone Press & Graphics, has hit the streets. Ten thousand copies of the full-color, glossy magazine are being distributed to hotels, restaurants, stores, and attractions outside Schoharie County. According to Ms. Berry, "My hope is to increase tourism in our unique county through articles and event information that spotlight the hidden and not-so-hidden gems in our region."

Produced completely by Berry, a well-seasoned graphic designer and resident of Schoharie County, this magazine demonstrates what one resident can do for an entire county. It is her goal to "help put Schoharie County back on the map and inspire others to do what they can to improve life for everyone who calls Schoharie County home."

"I'm not done yet," Ms. Berry added. "Next year, Middleburgh will host the Schoharie County Food for Thought Festival, which will celebrate wholesome food through 17 different events taking place throughout the county, on Columbus Day weekend. As committee chair, I invite everyone in the county to participate, either as a vendor or as an attendee." For more information, including sample pages, check out the magazine's Facebook page at"

Chamber of Commerce to Manage Schoharie County Tourism

Written By Editor on 4/21/14 | 4/21/14

After listening to two detailed presentations on the future of tourism in Schoharie County, the Board of Supervisors were in agreement on Friday morning that the function should be privatized and removed from the county government apparatus in favor of the Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce, which previously had administered the county's tourism program from 1998-2009.

With over one hundred local businesses in support of their proposal, the Chamber's pitch called for the creation of a full-time tourism coordinator, which the county currently lacks, in conjunction with a chamber tourism board that would focus on planning and maintaining fiscal responsibility. The occupancy tax board would also be utilized to provide further financial oversight. 

Additionally, Scott Ferguson of the Chamber frowned upon the county's current visitors center. When asked for the chamber's position on it by Jefferson Town Supervisor Sean Jordan, Mr. Ferguson dismissed it as a "green garden shed," adding that the chamber plans to see the office relocated to fill a "vacant storefront in one of our communities." 

Following up on the Chamber's presentation was Cathleen Berry, publisher of the Seasons of Schoharie County tourism magazine, who suggested the creation of two niche festivals to draw in younger tourists and families to come visit the area. Ms. Berry also agreed that the visitors center needed to be relocated, suggesting the vacant pharmacy in Schoharie as a possible brick and mortar location. 

In the end both proposals encouraged the county board that privatization was the right path, which they agreed to unanimously. However, there was hesitation by some members to exclude Ms. Berry, who left after her presentation, in favor of the Chamber and requested that she be involved in the process. 

The Chamber of Commerce will assume all county tourism responsibilities on July 1, 2014.

Tourism Magazine Showing County's Appeal

Written By Editor on 3/5/14 | 3/5/14

For almost a year now, Cathleen Berry has been working on a project to highlight the positive growth of Schoharie County. In her project, the Seasons of Schoharie County, she aims to distribute valuable information to potential visitors across the state and let them know about the undiscovered jewel of the area.

Her magazine lists helpful stories, anecdotes, and advertisements from local businesses. She hopes to publish a paper copy of a magazine for distribution. On her Facebook page, she lists the different businesses that are working with her on the project and how the process is developing.

The stories provide perspective on the area that was once known as the Breadbasket of the Revolution and will serve as a primer for those looking to get acquainted with the area.

Sample story from the Facebook page.

For more information, Ms. Berry can be contacted at

Schoharie County Promoted as part of 'America's First Frontier'

Written By Editor on 1/18/14 | 1/18/14

Schoharie County and the Mohawk Valley played a pivotal role in the American Revolution and a new website will not only spotlight its significance but also promote the region as a premier, historically-themed travel destination. 

The Mohawk Valley Region Path Through History recently launched its website,, featuring information on Revolutionary War forts and battlefields, colonial- era structures, and Native American cultural centers, in an easy-to-use, educational format. ties historically and culturally significant places, people, and events throughout the Mohawk Valley Region together in one story-- as “American’s First Frontier.”  The project is part of the statewide tourism venture, New York State Path Through History. will be a hub for visitors to plan trips using themed itineraries and events calendar, view the Region’s complete listing of Revolutionary War-related historic sites, and locate nearby merchants, including restaurants, shopping, and lodging. 

“The Mohawk Valley Region has, from the beginning, been a significant part of the birth, growth, and future of this country,” explains MVPTH Committee Chair Helen Martin.  “From the Mohawk River to historic sites, homes and markers dot the Region, peeling away the years to reveal the amazing stories of the people and events which shaped the area, the state, and the nation. This website commemorates and links this rich history, the history of Mohawk Valley’s aboriginal people and the area’s involvement in the  American Revolution.”    

“ allows the Region to bring to life the content and living history previously presented in traditional formats using the newest interactive technology. The website aims to expand commerce, entertainment, historical awareness, and overall travel within the Region,” adds Martin.   The MVPTH Region is comprised of Oneida, Herkimer, Otsego, Fulton, Montgomery, Schoharie and Saratoga Counties. MVPTH plans to collaborate with other regions across the state as new projects and historical themes emerge. Schoharie County historical sites featured on include Old Stone Fort Museum Complex, Iroquois Indian Museum, and Schoharie Crossing, among others.  

Additional interactive features and social media tools for are slated to be unveiled in Spring 2014. Currently MVPTH can be found on Facebook at; on Twitter,; followed on Instagram as #mvpath; and Pinterest,      

Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail Unveils New Map, Brouchure

Written By Editor on 6/29/13 | 6/29/13

The Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail has unveiled a new brochure featuring their exhibits across the County. The Trail, which is nationally recognized, has dramatically expanded under the leadership of Ginny Miller Schaum and Betty Pillsbury.
The brochure is available here. It was designed by Linda Quinn of Middleburgh.

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