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Cobleskill Park Rehab a Big Success

Written By Editor on 11/17/14 | 11/17/14

Cobleskill put on a public rebuilding project this weekend for its Nick Iorio Park. The Town Highway Department and Bill Johnson led the way. Volunteers assisted in the renovations.

Photos credit Village of Cobleskill FB Page.

Local Flood Leader Asks for Assistance Giving Back

Written By Editor on 4/14/14 | 4/14/14

For many, Joshua DeBartolo is considered the face and the main driver behind flood recovery in the County after 2011. The Middleburgh native played an essential role in the formation of Schoharie Recovery and personally assisted in the rebuilding of hundreds of homes and businesses after the flood. His leadership led to over $1 million in fundraising, over 28,000 meals served, and $9 million in volunteer value added.

Many would not be in their homes if not for him.

Now he is looking to spread his positive impact into other fields. He has been accepted to the StartingBloc Institute, which aims to build up skills and networks for motivated young people for a chance to make a difference. Mr. DeBartolo is looking to raise $500 of the $1,000 tuition needed for the conference taking place in Boulder, CO May 1-5.

He aims to build skills and connections to meet his goal to "improving disaster response and recovery both domestically and internationally."

More can be found here on his fundraising page.

Volunteers Aid Three Projects in Middleburgh

Four projects were worked on by members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity from SUNY Oneonta. This was the fourth time the group has come to Middleburgh and the fifth volunteer day the community has held since early 2012.
Photo credit: Sheila Donegan
Photo credit: Sheila Donegan

Local Mayors, SALT Join Forces to Recognize Impact of National Service

Written By Editor on 4/4/14 | 4/4/14

Schoharie, NY – On April 1, Schoharie Area Long Term (SALT) along with local leaders joined more than 1,750 mayors and town supervisors across the country in a day of recognition to highlight the impact of national service on local challenges. 

SALT and local leaders, including Mayor Avitabile of Middleburgh and Mayor Borst of Schoharie hosted a luncheon and press conference at the Middleburgh Reformed Church, 178 River Street, Middleburgh.  At the event SALT AmeriCorps VISTA members were recognized and thanked for their commitment to national service and the local recovery effort.

Local officials, members of SALT and long-time
volunteers enjoyed a "thank you" lunch as well
The nation’s mayors and town supervisors are increasingly turning to national service and volunteerism as a cost-effective strategy to address city challenges at a time of fiscal constraint.  Currently, eight AmeriCorps members serve in Schoharie County, proving vital support to residents by assisting with ongoing flood recovery efforts. Since 2012, over 23 AmeriCorps VISTA members have served with SALT in this capacity. While serving in the Schoharie Valley, they have assisted with volunteer recruitment and management, construction management, fund development, grant research and writing, marketing and special events, business and community development, and technology services. 

In addition, VISTA members have helped to leverage over $238,000 in cash and over $640,000 of in-kind resources for the recovery effort. They have also recruited and coordinated over 5,200 volunteers, helped to organize over 20 special events, and submitted over 35 grant applications.  “The VISTA members have significantly increased our overall capacity to assist with recovery in SALT’s coverage area. It is our distinct honor to have been awarded this AmeriCorps VISTA grant.”  SALT Executive Director, Sarah Goodrich stated.  “We especially appreciate our VISTA volunteers for their commitment to the mission, their dedication to our daily work, and for the many varied gifts they bring to our team. Congratulations and thank you to all of our VISTA members for their outstanding service to our community!” 

Furthermore, committed long term volunteers were recognized for their dedication to rebuilding our community. Cathleen Berry, Jim Czebiniak, Bill Kinisky, Jim Lord, Dr. Rev. Carlton Shepard, and Michael Vamvas were among those recognized for their long-term service to the recovery effort.    

SALT also kicked off a spring volunteer recruitment campaign for ongoing recovery work and to build up a pool of volunteers who will be ready to serve Schoharie County in the event of a future emergency or disaster. All of these volunteer opportunities will help move Schoharie County toward a community that is resilient, vibrant, and fully recovered.  To sign up today visit, email: or call 518-390-8828.

Volunteers Help in Three Flood Projects

Written By Editor on 3/22/14 | 3/22/14

Volunteers in Middleburgh helped fix up three projects in town. The cooperation between the SALT, the Village of Middleburgh, and the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity brought together over a dozen volunteers. This group assisted in fixing up three office spaces on Railroad Avenue.

Photo credit Sheila Donegan, SALT Community and Business Development VISTA.

Middleburgh, SALT, College Team Up to Repair Flood Damage

Written By Editor on 3/21/14 | 3/21/14

SALT, the Village of Middleburgh, and a SUNY Oneonta fraternity are teaming up to fix up flood damage in Middleburgh's business district. In the collaboration organized through the Mayor's office, the three groups have agreed to fix up two office spaces along Railroad Avenue that remain gutted since the 2011 flood. SALT is providing the materials, worth up to $5,000, Phi Kappa Psi fraternity of SUNY Oneonta is providing labor, and the Mayor's office is coordinating the efforts.

The repairs will start on Saturday, March 22nd at 10 until 4pm. Multiple volunteer days are expected before the offices are completed. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Mayor Matthew Avitabile at 763-6854.

This comes after similar arrangements with the Village, building owners, and SALT to work on three other projects in the business district over the last year.

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