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Gibson to Support Raising Debt Ceiling, End to Gov't Shutdown

Written By Editor on 10/16/13 | 10/16/13

Congressman Chris Gibson has taken a stand separate from most of his party on the government shutdown of the last three weeks. He writes on his Facebook page that "As I’ve said all along, this government shutdown was completely unnecessary." He also stated " will support the bipartisan agreement to fund government operations until January 15 and to extend the debt ceiling until February 7. This agreement also overturns a rule issued by the Obama Administration to ignore verification requirements in the Affordable Care Act."

Questions Rise Over NY-19 Candidate's Experience

Written By Editor on 10/11/13 | 10/11/13

Two-term Congressman Chris Gibson appears to have his toughest challenge yet in a 27 year old named Sean Eldridge. Gibson won twice under difficult circumstances in 2010 and 2012. In 2010 he was filling a void left by the Democratic incumbent Scott Murphy. In 2012 his district was radically altered-- leaving him in NY-19, which voted Democratic on the presidential level.

Now Gibson is facing Sean Eldridge, a multi-millionaire married to a co-founder of Facebook. Mr. Eldridge is running his first campaign and recently moved into the district-- which includes Schoharie County and parts of the Hudson Valley and Catskills. Eldridge sees himself as a contender-- as does Gibson's campaign. Still, the two differ greatly on the issue of experience.

Mr. Gibson is an Army Colonel and professor at West Point. He is a decorated combat veteran of three conflicts and now has three years in Congress under his belt. He won NY-19 53-47% in 2012.

Sean Eldridge believes that he has the experience to carry the district and be an effective member of Congress. Profiled in July by the New York Times he shows confidence: 

In an interview, he dismissed any suggestion that his move to the 19th District was motivated by politics. “The Hudson Valley is my home,” he said. “It’s where I work. It’s where I got married.”
However, this is not translating into immediate backing in the area. Mr. Eldridge is running in the difficult 2014 cycle that is likely to depress Democratic Party turnout. His New York City financial planning background may not lend itself to this largely rural, economically depressed district.

While this background may be a bit alien to the residents of the 19th District, Mr. Eldridge has little of the resume of the incumbent. Three years in the House and military experience seem to outweigh no direct involvement in the area that Mr. Eldridge lives today.

Gibson Asks for Opinions on Syria

Written By Editor on 9/4/13 | 9/4/13

Congressman Chris Gibson has sent out an email asking for his constituents to chime in on the issue of Syria. Gibson opposes action in that country. 

 As you know, the President has asked Congress to authorize military action against Syria. I am strongly opposed to this, and will vote no. It is my judgment, as a 29-year veteran of our Armed Forces, that military intervention would make the situation worse and make us responsible for that conflict. You can read my full statement here:
Do you agree with my position? Or do you want the United States to take military action? Click here to take the survey:

Gibson Opposes Syria Action

The Washington Post has Schoharie County's Congressman, Chris Gibson (R-NY19), opposed to authorizing military strikes in the Syrian civil war. What are your thoughts on the impending vote in Congress to authorize U.S. force and Congressman Gibson's stance?

Chris Gibson Leads House Effort on Syrian Conflict

Written By Editor on 7/3/13 | 7/3/13

Congressman Chris Gibson, the 19th congressional district's Republican representative, has been keeping himself busy in the House of Representatives as of late: visiting the fine folks of Fort Plain following their devastating flood last week and working for passage of the new farm bill.
But his most important congressional project involves foreign affairs, or more specifically our role in the Syrian conflict.
Gibson, along with a bipartisan contingent of Congressmen, introduced legislation prohibiting the U.S. government from sending or aiding the Syrian opposition to Bashar al-Assad's regime without explicit congressional authorization in any form, due to concerns of increasing U.S. involvement in the embattled nation's conflict through means other than humanitarian.
Although Congress is unlikely to support such a measure, with Republican hawks keeping all options open and Democratic idealists committed to an international solution, I find it rather fortunate Schoharie County's elected representative is in the forefront of one of the world's most important geopolitical situations developing today.

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