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Old Stone Fort Presents, Debates History on Fourth

Written By Editor on 7/6/14 | 7/6/14

Decorated with American flags and ribbons, Schoharie's Old Stone Fort hosted dozens of area residents Friday morning into the afternoon as re-enactors presented history buffs, both young and old, with readings of the founding documents that led to American Independence and debates over their actions in 1776 that still effect us to this day. 

Re-Enactors listen to one of many questions
brought forth over the afternoon
With members of the Tyron County Militia and other volunteers dressed in period clothing, the stage was set for light hearted yet serious debate with attendees over a wide array of issues, including the makeup of America as a Democratic-Republic and the status of the arcane Electoral College, which has been challenged in recent years. 

Additionally, the Old Stone Fort welcomed visitors to take a tour of its outside exhibits, including the recently introduced Founders Exhibit that offered residents an in-depth look at the men who founded the Schoharie County Historical Society, and who worked to preserve the museum we have today that once served as a church and encampment. 

Old Stone Fort Set for Independence Day Celebration

Written By Editor on 7/2/14 | 7/2/14

Attacked by a myriad of hostile forces during the Revolutionary War - British, Native American, and Tory- Schoharie's Old Stone Fort withstood them all, and today the museum serves as a vessel to modern Americans on the amazing history of America's "Breadbasket of the American Revolution."

This Friday will be no different. 

The Old Stone Fort Museum will be holding its annual Independence Day celebration from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Readings of the Declaration of Independence and other documents of the period will take place at 11:00 and 2:00.

Members of the Tryon County Militia and other re-enactors will engage in "living history,' and visitor interactive debates on the issues of taxation, self government, and armed militias rebelling against the government," according to the Old Stone Fort's events webpage

All outdoor activities will be admission free to guests, while regular museum admission rates apply to indoor exhibits. The event is co-produced by the Schoharie County Historical Society and the Burning of the Valleys Military Association. 

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