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Jaycox to Seek Third Term as County Clerk

Written By Cicero on 3/6/15 | 3/6/15

Surrounded by family, friends, and supporters at the Daughters of the American Revolution house in Schoharie, County Clerk Indica Jaycox announced her campaign to seek a third term in office at a fundraising kickoff dinner on Thursday evening.

Explaining that she "continues to love serving the public," Mrs. Jaycox emphasized that she cares about the people of Schoharie County, and providing as best service to them as possible in the county clerk's office.

Schoharie County Clerk Indy Jaycox surrounded by
her husband of forty-four years, one of three children,
and two of six grand-children.
An office she has worked in since 1985, starting as a county employee under former county clerk Forest Wollaber in the Department of Motor Vehicles. Before that she worked in various fields and raised her children after graduating from high school.

Appointed to fill the remainder of then newly elected Assemblyman Peter Lopez's clerk term in 2007 by outgoing New York Governor George Pataki, Jaycox has successfully won two full terms in her own right, despite facing challenges both times.

Challenges that fail to compare to the devastation Hurricane Irene's wrath wrought upon the county clerk's office on Sunday, August 27th, 2011, which Mrs. Jaycox described as the biggest challenge of her career.

Finding the strength in herself to overcome the devastation of Irene, which left thousands upon thousands of public records destroyed and her office scattered across the county, Jaycox oversaw the return of the county clerk's office to Schoharie.

Commenting that "I will never say I love the challenges of the job, because that was the most difficult," the incumbent was seemingly relieved that the worst is behind for her office.

With the future in mind, Jaycox is focused on advancing the county clerk's system technologically forward with electronic recording and filing, which she stated optimistically, will be put in place "hopefully within the next two years."

Supported on Thursday night by members of the county board, her office, and other dignitaries from both parties, Jaycox, who is seeking the Republican nomination, noted the positive feedback her campaign has already received from the community.

"I feel I got very good support," she commented while looking across the room. Pausing for a second, she added: "That was proven in 2011."

Poll: Voters Strongly Approve of Jaycox

Written By Editor on 5/3/14 | 5/3/14

The latest Schoharie News poll has found that readers strongly support the job performance of Schoharie County Clerk Indy Jaycox, who has served in her current capacity since being appointed to replace Peter Lopez following his election to the Assembly in 2006. 

Mrs. Jaycox has since been re-elected twice to the position, most recently over perennial candidate and former Middleburgh Mayor Gary Hayes by a near two-to-one margin in November 2011.

According to the survey, which over one hundred and fifty readers participated in, 67% (104 votes) approved of the Clerk's job performance, while only 25% (39 votes) disapproved and the remaining 7% (12 votes) remain undecided at this time. 

We have previously surveyed the approval ratings of Sheriff Desmond, District Attorney Sacket, and County Treasurer Cherry; the last of which was marred by voter fraud.

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