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Schoharie Las Vegas Night This Saturday

Written By Editor on 10/22/14 | 10/22/14

The Schoharie Fire Department is holding their annual Vegas Night fundraiser at the Fire House this Saturday, October 25th. The event, from 7pm until midnight features food and drink as well as blackjack, craps, and a money wheel. RSVP on the invite page on Facebook here.

Schoharie Fire Dept Searching for Disaster Consultant

Written By Editor on 2/17/14 | 2/17/14

With the stress of the last several years still present in operations, the Schoharie Fire Department has placed a request for proposals for a consultant to review disaster management. The Department, which was among the most active in 2011's flooding despite losing their original fire house is undergoing major changes as it is moving its operations to a potential new fire house and is pushing hard for an independent fire district separate from control of the Village of Schoharie.

On the Department's website, there are more details about what SFD is looking for. The Department is hoping to select a consultant by March 31st after a series of interviews.

Some of the tasks for the consultant, according to the RFP, would include:

 Represent the Owner and attend meetings with FEMA/NYSOEM on behalf of the Owner.
 Damage Site Assessment & Project Worksheet Formulation.
 Identify Potential Improvements & Maximize Public Assistance 406-Mitigation Funding.
 Meet with Village Trustees, Town Councilpersons, Officers, and Department Heads and
 Collect/Compile Cost Documentation for Project Worksheets (PW’s). 
Proposals are due March 7th at 2pm.

Poll: Little Public Support for Independent Fire Department in Schoharie

Written By Editor on 1/15/14 | 1/15/14

The latest Schoharie News poll has found significant opposition to the creation of an independent Schoharie Fire Department by participating readers. The issue has recently entered the political conversation as relations publicly frayed between Town of Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone and SFD President Martin Shrederis.
Only 25% of readers supported the idea, while 69% were opposed and the remaining 6% chose to remain neutral on the question. Slightly over one hundred people participated in the poll, which was open for five days on the right hand sidebar of the website.

Vote in Our New Poll: Independent Fire District in Schoharie?

Written By Editor on 1/9/14 | 1/9/14

With Sheriff Anthony Desmond enjoying high approval ratings, the Schoharie News is going to ask a more localized question, with wide-ranging consequences. Schoharie's Fire Department is strongly considering a move to a joint fire district independent of the Village and less reliant on Town influence. Brought up by current Department President Martin Shrederis, the idea mirrors a similar effort in Middleburgh. What do you think of the plan so far? Vote in our sidebar!

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