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C-GCC Establishes Partnership with University at Buffalo Pharmacy School

Written By Editor on 1/3/18 | 1/3/18

HUDSON -- Columbia-Greene Community College and the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have formed a new collaborative agreement that will provide students the opportunity to earn a doctor of pharmacy degree in a shorter amount of time.

A memorandum of agreement was formally signed by Phyllis Carito, vice president and dean of Academic Affairs at C-GCC, and Dr. James O’Donnell, dean of the UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Under the 2+4 agreement, students will complete two years of undergraduate study at C-GCC, then apply to UB’s pharmacy program.

Discussing the partnership, O’Donnell said, “The University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences values our collaboration with C-GCC, and this 2+4 agreement will further solidify our strong partnership. We look forward to having their best and brightest students as members of our PharmD program.”

For more than 130 years, the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has continually been a leader in the education of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, renowned for innovation in clinical practice and research. The school is accredited by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) and is the number-one-ranked school of pharmacy in New York State, and number 22 in the United States.

C-GCC is ranked the second-best community college in New York State by, and falls at number 27 on the national list. For more information, visit, or call 518.828.4181.

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Wind Chill, Severe Weather Advisories

From the National Weather Service. Stay up to date on our always updated weather page.

... Winter Weather Advisory in effect from 7 am Thursday to 7 am
EST Friday...
... Wind chill watch remains in effect from late Thursday night
through Saturday afternoon...

* what... snow and blowing snow expected. Dangerously cold wind
  chills possible. Plan on slippery Road conditions, including
  during the morning and evening commutes on Thursday. In
  addition, areas of poor visibility are expected. Total snow
  accumulations of 3 to 6 inches are expected, highest in the
  northern Taconics. Wind chills could range from 15 below zero
  to 35 below zero, with the lowest readings on Friday night into
  Saturday morning.

* Where... the Mohawk and Schoharie valleys, greater capital
  region, helderbergs, and northern Taconics of eastern New York.

* When... for the Winter Weather Advisory, from 7 am Thursday to
  7 am EST Friday. For the wind chill watch, from late Thursday
  night through Saturday afternoon.

* Additional details... snowfall rates around half inch per hour.
  Winds gusting as high as 40 mph will cause areas of blowing and 
  drifting snow. Dangerously cold wind chills as low as 35 below
  zero will cause frostbite in as little as 10 minutes to exposed

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Winter Weather Advisory for snow and blowing snow means periods
of snow and blowing snow will cause primarily travel
difficulties. Be prepared for snow covered roads and limited
visibilities, and use caution while driving. The latest Road
conditions for the state you are calling from can be obtained by
calling 5 1 1.

A wind chill watch means there is the potential for a combination
of very cold air and the wind to create dangerously low wind
chill values. Monitor the latest forecasts and warnings for
updates on this situation.

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Cobleskill Police Blotter

Written By Editor on 1/1/18 | 1/1/18

Monday, December 18, 2017

At 10:10 p.m. Cobleskill Police arrested William P Winkler, 57, of Middleburgh, NY, for Menacing 3rd and Harassment 2nd.  He was arraigned in Cobleskill Town Court and remanded to the Schoharie County Jail on $1500 Bail / $3000 Bond.  He is to return to Cobleskill Town Court on December 19th at 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

At 5:00 p.m.  Cobleskill Police arrested Regina L. Jangro, 50, of Cobleskill, NY, for Petit Larceny.  She was arraigned in Cobleskill Town Court and released.  She is to appear to Cobleskill Town Court on January 9th at 5:00 p.m.

At 6:02 p.m. Cobleskill Police arrested Cathy Easterbook, 64, of West Fulton, NY, for Criminal Contempt 2nd.  She was arraigned in Cobleskill Town Court and released.  She is to appear in Cobleskill Town Court on January 9th at 5:00 p.m.

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Whittling Away: A New New Year

Goodbye to the old year, hello to the new one.  It’s a good thing that at this time of the year we get a “Do over”.  2017 is about worn out.  It had its good moments but they were overshadowed by a whole bunch of bad ones.  Hopefully we’ve learned how to avoid or at least smooth out some of the rough spots. One of the things that I don’t look forward to is making resolutions.  I don’t fully understand this or why we do it except that it’s a law or something.  My first resolution for 2018 is to make new resolutions.  I will admit that for years I’ve just recycled the ones from the year before.  I’m going to make new resolutions mainly because the old envelope I wrote them on many years ago is so worn and wrinkled that I can no longer read them.  I think I’ll start my list with the ever popular ‘lose weight’. That’s probably the leading resolution among our steadily widening population.  In the beginning of the year, it’s hard to find Kale, spinach or anything green and healthy in the produce aisle at the market.  Gym membership rockets up, sales on running shoes go through the roof and you can’t find a pair of yoga pants in any store. This dearth of healthy things usually doesn’t last more than a couple of weeks.  Pizza sales go back up and the junk food aisles fill up once again and ‘lose weight’ stays at the top of next year’s resolution list. 

Making resolutions is tough at my age.  A good resolution should improve your life or make you a better person.  At my age, I’ve outlived most of my bad habits.  Wild women and fast cars have lost some of their appeal, my alcohol consumption last year was two glasses of wine and a bottle of beer, the only vice I’ve got left is my old pipe and I don’t intend to give it up.  I should read more and watch TV less, that’s a good one.  I’m getting a new hip January fifth so maybe I’ll take up ballet although I’m not sure if ballet shoes come in size 13.  I think I’ll resolve to spend more time with our new pup, Telly.  That won’t be a hard resolution to keep, he’s so darn cute.  It’s like having a three year old around the house and now I‘ve got time to enjoy the antics of a three year old, time I didn’t have when my kids were that age.  Another resolution I’m going to make is to show the Queen more attention, tell her how much I appreciate the things she does to make our life better and remember to tell her how nice she looks and remind her how talented she is.  Another resolution would be to make myself a kinder gentler human.  Again at my age, not a hard resolution to stick to.  Life keeps getting better because I’m taking time to appreciate the small things around me, things that are easy to overlook during the busy years.  There is so much that’s beautiful around us and my main wish for the New Year is that you have the time to see and appreciate it.

     Thought for the week—Resolution in a bad cause is called stubbornness; stubbornness in a good cause is called resolution.

     Until next year, may you and yours be happy and well.


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Delaware County Sheriff's Office Warns Against Potential Phone Scam

Written By Editor on 12/29/17 | 12/29/17

On 12/28/2017, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a concerned citizen of
Delaware County. The concerned citizen reports he received a phone call from an unknown
private number, in which an unidentified female caller attempted to convince the concerned
citizen to send her a large sum of money.
The female caller did not identify herself but did attempt to hurriedly convince the concerned
citizen to send her $4,000 immediately. The female caller advised that as a result of using her
cellphone while she was driving she had been involved in a motor vehicle accident last night and
was currently in court on the tickets issued to her as a result of the accident. The female caller
advised that if she didn’t pay the $4,000 in ticket fines immediately that she would lose her
The concerned citizen advised that the female caller was very convincing and initially thought the
caller was a family member.
After taking a few minutes to think about the circumstances and to ponder the situation, the
concerned citizen reports that the caller then hung up.
This scam is very similar to the “Grandparent Scam” in which the NYS Office of the Attorney
General advises that “a grandparent receives a call from someone posing as a grandchild claiming
that he or she is traveling, been arrested, injured etc. and facing an urgent need for money – to
make bail, pay a fine, or pay for automobile repairs or medical expenses. The caller begs the
grandparent not to tell his or her parents. In these scams, the victims are then given instructions to

send funds to the scammers. More recently, scam artists have instructed grandparents to visit
retail stores, buy certain gift cards, and then provide the scammer with the information on the
back of the card.”
The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office cautions persons receiving such calls or any calls in which
they are pressured into hurriedly providing any personal information, any bank information, any
credit card or other financial account information against releasing any such information or
sending money until the information is verified through reliable and trustworthy sources.
The NYS Office of the Attorney General offers the following tips to protect against the
grandparent scam:
 Be suspicious of anyone who calls unexpectedly asking you to wire money.
 Verify any supposed emergency, by calling friends and family, before wiring
 Develop a secret code or "password" with family members that can be used to
verify a true emergency.
 Limit personal information, such as vacation plans, shared on social media sites.
 Additional information can be found at:
The NYS Office of the Attorney General offers these additional tips to help consumers
avoid falling victim:
If the caller is a stranger, you should sense potential danger:
 Never give out personal information to a stranger on the phone, even if they claim
to be a representative from your bank, credit card company, or any other company
with which you’ve done business.
 Never wire money through Western Union, MoneyGram, or any other wire
service to a stranger.
 Never purchase gift cards for the purpose of providing the gift card numbers to a
stranger or someone who claims to be a loved one—gift cards are not a legitimate
form of payment.
If you have an elderly parent or loved one:
 Consider passing along these tips to them and don’t assume that they can’t be
 Consider seeking their permission to be involved in their finances, including
asking credit card companies to alert you when they make an unusually large
 Assure them that they should check with you before making a payment or
purchase, especially if a caller has instructed them not to.
 Encourage them to immediately contact you and/or the police if they get a call
like those described here.

If you have fallen victim to the scam,

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Woman Arrested for Felony Forgery

On Thursday, December 28 th 2017 at about 8:00pm, Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested 19 year old Angelica C. Wallace of Chenango Forks, New York on an Arrest Warrant issued by Stamford Town Court for one count of Forgery 2 nd degree, a Class D Felony and Petit Larceny, a class A Misdemeanor, following an investigation into a report of a stolen check in the Town of Stamford. Wallace was arraigned at Stamford Town Court in front of Judge Lamport and was released on her own recognizance. Wallace is scheduled to appear at Stamford Town Court at a later date to answer the charges.

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Route 7 Worcester/Richmondville Bridge Complete

Written By Editor on 12/28/17 | 12/28/17

New York State Department of Transportation Acting Commissioner Paul A. Karas
today announced completion of a $3.9 million replacement of the State Route 7 Bridge
over the Norfolk Southern Railroad in the Town of Worcester, Otsego County.  The
bridge connects Otsego and Schoharie counties.

“Because we replaced this bridge, it will continue to serve as a safe, reliable connection
for the community,” Acting Commissioner Karas said.  “Governor Cuomo’s investments
across the region are strengthening infrastructure and supporting economic growth in
the Mohawk Valley.”

Construction of the new multi-girder bridge was expedited and completed in one
construction season.  Work began in March and was finished last month, in time for the
holiday travel season.  The original bridge opened to traffic in 1941. The new bridge
meets today’s design standards with five-foot- wide shoulders and 23 feet of vertical

Approximately 2,000 vehicles per day travel the Route 7 Bridge over the Norfolk
Southern Railroad. When necessary, Route 7 serves as an emergency detour for
Interstate 88.

Senator James L. Seward said, “A sound infrastructure is crucial to public safety and
economic growth.  This bridge improvement project will mean a great deal to those who
live and work in both Otsego and Schoharie counties and was a top priority for
emergency responders as well.  Swift completion of this work, prior to the tough winter
travel season, is a definite positive.  I appreciate Governor Cuomo and the Department
of Transportation recognizing the importance of this work for the future of our region.”

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Hobart Man Arrested for Alleged Harassment and Trespass

On Wednesday, December 27 th 2017 at about 8:45pm, Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested 57 year old Theodore Steven Bell of Hobart, New York on a criminal summons issued by Stamford Town Court for Harassment 2 nd degree, and Criminal Trespass 2 nd degree following an investigation into a report of a disturbance at the Hobart Inn. Bell is alleged to have unlawfully entered an apartment at that location and while therein did cause another person unwanted physical contact. Bell is scheduled to appear at Stamford Town Court at a later date to answer the charges.

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Western Catskills Seeking Housing Rehab Grant Funding

Written By Editor on 12/27/17 | 12/27/17

STAMFORD - Western Catskills Community Revitalization Council, Inc. (WCCRC) is pleased to announce that they are seeking funds for owner occupied housing rehab grants in their service area. Programs can pay for repairs that address health and safety issues such as the repair/replacement of roofing, electrical work, plumbing, wells, septic systems, lead paint, the improvement of a home’s energy efficiency and more.

WCCRC is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit Rural Preservation Company with a mission to cooperate with local, state and federal governmental and civic bodies in aiding, assisting and fostering the planning, development, renewal, and improvement of housing and other buildings for the primary purpose of revitalizing communities.

The WCCRC service area includes:
·        Delaware County Towns of Harpersfield, Kortright, Middletown, Roxbury and Stamford
·        Greene County Towns of Ashland, Halcott, Hunter, Jewett, Lexington, and Prattsville
·        Schoharie County Towns of Blenheim, Broome, Conesville, Fulton, Gilboa, Jefferson, and Summit

General eligibility would be based on household income at or below 80% of the county median, and ownership of the property.

If you own a home in the WCCRC service area and would like to be placed on a waiting list for a housing rehab or to get more information about programs, please call Sue Marshall, Program Manager at 607-652-2823, ext. 107.

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Legal Notice: Town of Windham Tax Roll Warrant

Collector's Notice of Receipt of Tax Roll and Warrant

Take notice, thatI, the undersigned Collector of Taxes of the Town of Windham, Greene County, New York, have duly received the tax roll and warrant for the collection of taxes for the year 2018 and that I will receive taxes as follows:

AT OFFICE OF KATHERINE MURRAY, CPA, 134 COUNTY ROUTE 12 (South St.), Windham NY. Collection times: Tues, Weds, adn Thurs 10:00am to 4:00pm. CLOSED ALL HOLIDAYS AND SUNDAYS. Payments made by mail must be postmarked on or before the last day of the month. NO POSTDATED CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED-- NO EXCEPTIONS. A $15 charge will be added to the total bill for each returned check.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that taxes may be paid on or before Janaury 31, 2019 without charge or interest. On taxes remaining unpaid after January 31, 2018 there shall be added one percent for February or the remainder thereof; two percent for March; three percent for April; four percent for May; five percent for June; six percent for July; and seven percent for August, at which time, the return of unpaid taxes is made by the collector to the Greene County Treasurer persuant to law.

Dated December 22, 2017.
Katherine Murray, Collector of Taxes, Town of Windham.

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Sheriff's Office Arrests Woman for Selling Fentanyl Laced Heroin

Written By Editor on 12/22/17 | 12/22/17

A Delaware County Grand Jury handed down a Sealed Indictment Wednesday afternoon,
December 20, after considering evidence relating to a narcotics trafficking investigation
conducted by members of the Delaware County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation
Unit earlier this year.

On Wednesday afternoon Sheriff's Office Investigators and Deputies subsequently
arrested a Town of Tompkins resident on a Sealed Indictment Arrest Warrant issued by
the Delaware Count Court that day upon the filing of a Sealed Indictment by the Grand

Investigators arrested 30 year old Chellie A. Warner of Trout Creek, NY, on a warrant
charging her with three class B felony offenses of Criminal Sale of a Controlled
Substance in the Third Degree. Warner is accused of selling quantities of Fentanyl laced
Heroin from her Town of Tompkins residence during late August of this year.
Warner was arraigned in Delaware County Court before County Court Judge Richard D.
Northrup, Jr., on Wednesday afternoon and was remanded to the Delaware County
Correctional Facility without bail pending further court action.

Commenting on the arrest, Sheriff Craig DuMond advised “fentanyl laced heroin, which
is more frequently being encountered by our Deputies and Investigators, is a powerful
and dangerous synthetic opioid analgesic that is similar to morphine, but estimated to be
50 to 100 times more potent than heroin. Fentanyl‐related substances have been
identified in various forms including powder, pill, capsule and liquid forms as well as on
blotter type paper and stickers.

Fentanyl is not only extremely dangerous for the drug’s users, but also for law
enforcement, first responders, public health workers and the drug user’s family members
who may unknowingly come into contact with it in its different forms. Just touching
fentanyl, carfentanil, and or other related synthetic opioids or accidentally inhaling those
substances during law enforcement activity, such as seizing or field testing a fentanyl
laced substance, can result in potentially deadly consequences for officers and first
responders. Canines are particularly at risk of immediate death from inhaling fentanyl
during their search and enforcement work. For all of these reasons, we caution the public
regarding contact with these dangerous drugs. Rest assured, the members of the
Delaware County Sheriff’s Office are working tirelessly to hunt down and arrest the
individuals who have introduced these poisons to our communities”.

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Cobleskill’s Elm Street Apartments Latest to Go Smoke-free

A coalition of affordable housing advocates from New York State may soon launch a campaign encouraging Governor Andrew Cuomo to pass stronger rent laws and to develop additional affordable housing. Around the topic of housing advocacy, an increasing number of multi-unit housing owners and managers are protecting their tenants’ health and their investment by adopting smoke-free policies for their properties.  Property owners have gone smoke-free in order to lower maintenance costs and improve value retention, make units easier to rent or sell, reduce fire risk and insurance premiums and lessen tenant conflicts due to secondhand smoke.

 A local example of smoke-free policy adoption is Loder Properties’ apartments at 203 Elm Street in Cobleskill. These twelve apartments are the latest of the Loder managed multi-unit housing properties in Cobleskill to address the issue of secondhand smoke for both tenants and property owner.

Kim Prest, property manager at Early Woodland Apartments among other Loder properties stated, “Adopting a smoke-free policy is easier than you think. The policy for the Elm Street apartments became effective this fall. Smoke-free housing improves the indoor air quality for all residents. Sixty-five percent of indoor air is shared among units in multi-unit dwellings. We have seen great improvements in the buildings where smoke-free policies have been implemented.”

Secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard that can lead to disease and premature death in children and nonsmoking adults. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, “Eliminating smoking in indoor spaces is the only way to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke exposure.”

“Living in smoke-free housing should not be a luxury. Everyone deserves to breathe clean air,” said Deyanira Cisneros, Community Engagement Coordinator for Advancing Tobacco Free Communities in Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie Counties (ATFC-DOS). “We were pleased to work with Loder Properties to develop policies to improve the health of apartment dwellers and provide signage to educate tenants and visitors.”

ATFC-DOS provides guidance to multi-unit property owners and managers about implementing smoke-free housing policies. ATFC-DOS can conduct tenant’s surveys, provide policy development and compliance techniques, implement educational sessions for residents, link smokers to quit resources and supply a limited amount of signage at no cost to property owners and managers. Individuals in Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie Counties wanting to protect their bottom line by ensuring property cleanliness and the safety and health of tenants and staff may contact ATFC-DOS at 518-255-5395 or

In Schoharie County, the current smoking rate is 19.3 percent as compared to New York State’s rate of 14.2 percent.  Secondhand smoke exposure is higher among people with low incomes and low educational levels. More than two out of every five (43.2%) nonsmokers who lived below the poverty level were exposed to secondhand smoke in 2011-2012 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Seven thousand chemical compounds, 250 of which are harmful, are in secondhand smoke. According to the CDC, secondhand smoke causes nearly 34,000 heart disease deaths each year. Secondhand smoke exposure is the leading cause of respiratory illnesses in both children and adults. CDC further states, in children, secondhand smoke causes ear infections, more frequent and severe asthma attacks, respiratory symptoms (for example, coughing, sneezing, and shortness of breath), respiratory infections (bronchitis and pneumonia), and greater risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).  In adults, even those who have never smoked, secondhand smoke can cause heart disease, lung cancer, and stroke.

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C-GCC Students ‘Back the Blue:’ Deliver Hundreds of Ornaments to Law Enforcement Officials

HUDSON, N.Y. – Members and advisors of the Psychology Club and the Criminal Justice Club at Columbia-Greene Community College spread holiday cheer to members of law enforcement across both counties this season.

Promoting the Back the Blue Campaign, a national effort that seeks to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of law enforcement officials, the C-GCC student organizations decorated and delivered holiday ornaments to every sworn member of the Sheriff’s office this month.

According to Barbara Shaffer, associate professor of Psychology and Sociology at C-GCC and Psychology Club advisor, more than four hundred ‘Thin Blue Line ornaments’ were made with the goal of recognizing every officer, whether full-time or part-time, within Columbia and Greene counties.

 “An ornament has been created for every police officer, probation, parole officer, and state trooper who serves within Columbia and Greene counties, because we appreciate each and every one,” Shaffer said, noting that each ornament was hand-decorated with ribbon and delivered with cards that read:

“In appreciation of all that you do, please hang one of these ornaments for each of your officers. When you look at your tree, please remember that there are many who are grateful for all that you give this holiday season, and every day.”

In a long line of deliveries across the two counties, ornaments were disseminated along with special treats for the K-9s members of the teams. The Psychology Club and Criminal Justice Club are just two of 14 official student organizations at C-GCC, which also offers 37 academic programs. For more information, visit, or call 518.828.4181.

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New Locales, Classes Highlight C-GCC’s Spring Community Course List

HUDSON, N.Y. – Columbia-Greene Community College is offering more than 75 non-credit community courses in the upcoming spring semester, both on-campus and off.

Beginning in mid-January with starting dates continuing through February, March, and April, the Spring 2018 Community Courses list includes sessions in culinary arts, fine art, health and fitness, finance, communication, and more.

The college has partnered with the Roeliff Jansen Community Library in Hillsdale for the first time this year to offer two courses at the library, which is chartered to serve residents of the towns of Ancram, Copake, and Hillsdale: Basics of Digital Photography – an opportunity for anyone with a digital camera or even a smartphone to learn how to take better photos – and Poetry: The Art of the Marvelous, which will include examination of poetry in its various forms and styles as well as writing instruction.

At the same time, Greene County residents will find classes conveniently located at the Mountain Top Library in Tannersville. The Magic and Glory of Mail Merge will introduce Microsoft’s time saving mass-mailing feature, and Integrated Fitness and Nutrition, which explores positive combinations of workouts and nutritional information, rounds out the Mountain Top roster.

New courses have been added to the on-campus schedule as well, such as How to Boil Water! – the perfect opportunity to take first steps in the kitchen by creating three basic meals; Renaissance Portrait Style Painting; Classic Nia – a practice that combines dance, martial arts, and mindfulness, and Telling Your Story Through Creative Fiction, to name just a few.

For more information or to register, call 518.828.4181, extension 3342, or visit the Community Services page at

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Coxsackie Resident Earns Greene County Volunteer Firefighter and Auxiliary Member Scholarship

HUDSON, N.Y. – Alli Kohlmeyer of Coxsackie has earned the 2017 Greene County Volunteer Firefighter and Auxiliary Member Scholarship.

Presented by Richard Frasco, president of the Greene County Volunteer Firemen’s Association and Pamela Fancher-Brent, president of the GCVFA Ladies Auxiliary, Kohlmeyer was awarded a $500 scholarship to be used at Columbia-Greene Community College.

In order to be eligible, students interested in the GCVF&A Scholarship must be enrolled in six credits or more, submit an essay titled Why do you think Volunteering is Important, and receive a letter of recommendation from the fire chief in their community.

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Deputies Save Overdose Victim in Hobart

On Thursday night, December 14, Delaware County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a
911 report of an unconscious man at a residence in the Village of Hobart with CPR being
administered by citizens. Upon the arrival, the Deputy located an unresponsive 20 year
old male. After observing the man’s condition, the Deputy recognized indications that the
man was likely suffering from an opioid overdose and administered Narcan (Naloxone).
After several doses of Narcan, the man regained consciousness and was transported by
ambulance to the O’Connor Hospital Emergency Department for further treatment.
Deputies located and seized three (3) bundles of suspected heroin from the subject prior
to him being transported to the hospital for further treatment.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office reminds the public that New York’s “911
Good Samaritan” law provides protections from charge and prosecution for drug and
alcohol possession for the victim and those who seek help for an overdose victim. If
someone suspects that a loved one is experiencing a drug or alcohol overdose don’t
hesitate to call for help, as early intervention is an important factor in their recovery.

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Delaware OfA Seeking Volunteer Drivers

Written By Editor on 12/19/17 | 12/19/17

 The Delaware County Office for the Aging/NY Connects is seeking volunteer drivers for the non-emergency medical transportation program. Areas in the county that are currently underserved are Davenport, Delhi, Downsville, Grand Gorge, and Hancock.

Transportation through this program can be used for medically related trips such as doctor/dentist appointments, laboratory tests, X-rays, prescription pick-ups and dropping off clients for hospital stays. The program is open to seniors, age 60 or older, who are residents of Delaware County, non-Medicaid recipients and are able to move about with minimal assistance. Drivers volunteer their time but are reimbursed for their mileage to and from their homes.

For further information or to sign up to volunteer, please contact the Delaware County Office for the Aging/NY Connects by calling 607-832-5750.

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Girolamo Named Fighting Tiger of the Week

Written By Editor on 12/14/17 | 12/14/17

 The SUNY Department of Sport & Exercise announced today that junior Mike Girolamo, Waverly, N.Y., Waverly High School, a member of the men’s swimming & diving team has been named the athletic program’s Fighting Tiger Athlete-of-the-Week for the week ending December 11th, 2017.

Girolamo led the men’s swimming & diving team to a pair of impressive road wins in double dual meet action at Cazenovia College in Cazenoiva, N.Y. on Saturday as the Fighting Tigers topped the Bison of Gallaudet University 129-to-106 and defeated the host Wildcats of Cazenovia College by a 139-to-57 margin. The Waverly, N.Y. native won the 1000-yard freestyle in a time of 12:59.38 and the 500-yard freestyle in 6:06.28 as the Fighting Tigers improved to 5-1 overall on the season versus head-to-head competion.

Cobleskill will return to action after the college’s winter break on Saturday January 13th when they host the Bard College Raptors at the Bouck Hall Natatorium beginning at 1:00 p.m.

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Double Homicide Suspect Arrested after 100-MPH Pursuit in Schoharie

Written By Editor on 12/12/17 | 12/12/17

Multiple reports indicate a high speed crash near Exit 23 in Schoharie/Central Bridge. The exit is now closed to traffic as is Route 30A in the vicinity of the crash.

According to the Schoharie County Fire Wire and News, there was a pursuit of a vehicle, believed to be a 2008 Chevy Colorado traveling at speeds above 100 mph.

Also at the same time, police reports indicate that the crashed vehicle belonged to a suspect in a double murder in Laurens in Otsego County. Early reports state that the young man is suspected of a double homicide.

All indication are that the suspect is in custody.

Much more detail is coming in our full report on the front page of the paper Friday.

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Farm Show, Growers Celebrate 32 Years of Service by Melanie Wickham; Two Critical Roles to Fill

For 32 years Melanie Wickham has served the Empire State Potato Growers, Inc. as executive director, representing the group in the best light at local, state, regional, national and international gatherings, and as the driving force behind Empire Farm Days, the largest outdoor agricultural trade show of its kind in the Northeastern U.S. The show is held at Rodman Lott and Son Farms in Seneca Falls, NY.

Now ready for new opportunities and more time with family, Wickham leaves huge footprints to fill, making two job opportunities open.

Wickham has set a high standard for advocacy and administration on behalf of the nonprofit group representing New York State potato growers managing more than 20,000 acres of potato crop for seed, fresh market sale, and processing.

“It will take two people to fill the roles Melanie Wickham has held for 32 years with the Empire State Potato Growers and Empire Farm Days,” said Empire State Potato Growers President Karl Hofmann, Springville, NY.

Wickham has logged countless miles and hours over her 32-year tenure on behalf of Empire Farm Days to make it a one-stop agricultural education event packed with equipment, exhibits, field demonstrations, seminars, and learning opportunities designed to enhance the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of all types of agriculture enterprises.

“Melanie is always quick to credit the growers, sponsors, and her teams for the success of Empire Farm Days,” says Hofmann, who has served on the Empire Farm Days committee and been involved with the growers association for most of Wickham’s career. “This is our opportunity to thank her for her devotion and service as she transfers the reins to new management.”

Job descriptions and application instructions for those interested in applying to become the executive director of the Empire State Potato Growers or manager of the Empire Farm Days show are available by contacting contacting or

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