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Cuomo Calls for National Gun Control at Aide's Funeral

Written By Editor on 9/26/15 | 9/26/15

Governor Cuomo stepped into the national gun control debate this week at the funeral of his attorney Carey Gabay. Gabay was struck by a stray bullet during celebrations of the West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn.

Cuomo stated that he considered asking the Pope about why Gabay died, but was compelled not to due to his faith in God. Reuters covered the funeral, in which Cuomo also called for a national effort to reduce gun violence through much broader gun control.

 Cuomo told the assembled, "It's not enough for New York State to pass a gun law and close the front door when the guns are coming in the back door, when the guns can come up from Virginia or South Carolina for anyone willing to take a car ride."

Cuomo also described what he called "rampant violence" in poorer communities and those of people of color.

Earlier this month the Governor also spoke about Gabay's shooting, which was covered by the Times Union. "I can't pass a tougher law than we did or a smarter law than we did," he said.

Silver Allegations May Lead to Obstruction of Justice Charges Against Cuomo

Written By Editor on 1/29/15 | 1/29/15

Sheldon Silver's role in the limelight are not over. While he will be leaving the Speaker's chair in the State Assembly Monday and undergo a grueling trial, he may have one more trick up his sleeve. Silver presided over one of the most dysfunctional state legislatures in the country, and allegedly used his influence to make millions of dollars.

However, the national media is reporting that there is concern that Silver's fall may also bring dwon Governor Andrew Cuomo. One suit alleges that Cuomo disbanded the Moreland Commission, meant to find improper pay for play in the legislature, due to Silver's influence:
The Silver-led state assembly then filed a court motion to quash the commission’s subpoenas related to legislators’ outside income. In exchange for allowing the campaign finance bill to pass,
Silver allegedly demanded that Cuomo disband the commission, according to the complaint against Silver
US Attorney Preet Bharara’s case against Silver has been buffeted by months of investigation. His statement that watchers should "Stay tuned" seem to indicate that more heads may roll very soon.

Lawsuit Alleges State Illegally Using Confidential Data for SAFE Act Confiscation

Written By Editor on 1/1/15 | 1/1/15

A lawsuit is alleging that the state is using its authority under the SAFE Act to illegally target gun owners. Under one provision of the law the state is using data from medical professionals to construct a state database of at risk residents, as reported yesterday.

A federal class action lawsuit led by Donald Montgomery claims that such data is being compiled illegally. The suit occurred after Montgomery had his guns seized after checking into a Buffalo hospital for trouble sleeping. This happened despite him being both a retired law enforcement officer and veteran.

Montgomery is suing Governor Cuomo and several other state officials for what he believes is an unconstitutional law. His lawsuit alleges that the state compiles data from medical professionals without a subpoena and without knowledge of the person whose information is being shared. This is in conflict with years of medical confidentiality. The plaintiff calls this a "gross overreach."

The lawsuit also alleges that the number of people listed as being unfit to own guns has been called "too low" by Governor Cuomo in October.

The suit alleges that the law unfairly punishes patients for voluntarily visiting mental health professionals, especially targeting former military and police.

If Montgomery et al wins the lawsuit, the portion of the SAFE Act dealing with such mental health provisions will be overturned.

Text of the lawsuit can be found below.

Cuomo Inaugurated for a Second Term

Governor Andrew Cuomo was inaugurated for a second term today, declaring that he would take further action over the next four years.

The event took place at the World Trade Center site and was well attended. The Governor announced that he had accomplished much in his first term and would eclipse it in his second.

The New York Times quotes the Governor as saying, "It’s time to be bold, my friends. Because there are no small solutions to big problems."

Photo credit: Governor's Twitter Account

NYS to Ban Fracking

Written By Editor on 12/17/14 | 12/17/14

It was unclear which direction the Governor's office was going to head in regarding fracking. After receiving a public health report regarding the potential effects of the practice, the Governor decided to ask the state legislature to ban the practice.

The acting Commissioner of Health stated, “I cannot support high volume hydraulic fracturing in the great state of New York,” The Administration decided to side with activists that contended that fracking would cause more harm than good in the local ecosystem.

Cuomo Decision to Strip Union Rights After Teachout Endorsement

Written By Editor on 12/16/14 | 12/16/14

Albany is aglow today with talk about Governor Andrew Cuomo's decision to challenge a major public sector union. The Governor has decided to remove 1,000 positions across the state from union classification.

The move plans on removing about 2% of the Public Employees Federations' current membership, as reported in the Times Union. The paper reports that employees were simply handed the notice and asked to sign a form indicating that they had received it.

The decision still needs to be approved by the Public Employees Relations Board, but the move could affect state employed attorneys, accountants, and others. The union says that it will be challenging the decision. It also comes just four months before the close of the current contract, differing from the usual eight months that such a decision is normally made.

The move happened less than a year since the PEF endorsed Cuomo's opponent, Zephyr Teachout for the Democratic nomination for Governor. In the endorsement, the group criticized what it called a "culture of fear" under Governor Cuomo.

Cuomo Nears Fracking Decision

Governor Cuomo seemed to indicate that he will finally make a stand in the fracking debate. In the four years he's been in office, the Governor has not indicated either way where he stood on the controversial practice. Now he says that he is awaiting a health report on fracking's effects due out by January 1.

In a recent interview, the Governor was slightly more clear, but still obtuse about his final decision. He said, “By the end of the year, we should have positions on both that are clear. We'll start the new year with major decisions under our belt.”

It is not clear which position he will wind up taking. Some speculate that he may allow very limited fracking, but ban it in almost every part of the state.

Cuomo Vetoes Veterans' Benefit Bill

Written By Editor on 11/10/14 | 11/10/14

Just days after election day, Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to veto a bill passed by both houses of the state legislature. The bill, intending to aid veterans by allowing them to voluntarily purchase credit into the state retirement system for their service during peacetime.

The bill's synopsis says:

 Provides up to three years of service credit to members of public retirement systems of the state for military service rendered during times of peace; removes requirement that such military service occur during specified periods of hostilities; requires such members have at least five years of credited service, not including military service.

The bill passed the State Assembly 133 to 1 and the State Senate 57-0. Overall costs were going to cost taxpayers about $170 million. Both Assemblyman Lopez and Senator Seward voted for the bill.

Cuomo's veto message is below, citing in part that New York City's annual liability would be about $18 million.

New Cuomo Ad: No Common Core Scores for Five Years

Written By Editor on 10/20/14 | 10/20/14

In what appears to be an about face from the fast-tracked implementation of Common Core in New York, Governor Cuomo has released a commercial saying that no Common Core scores will be at least for five years. After that, it will only be used if it 'works.'

The governor also criticizes overtesting of students.

Poll: County Residents Choose Astorino over Cuomo

Written By Editor on 9/29/14 | 9/29/14

Local residents have a clear favorite for governor this year. Incumbent governor Andrew Cuomo appears weighed down by his positions on the SAFE Act and other factors.

According to our readers, the results were:

Astorino (R): 70% - 130
Cuomo (D-inc.): 16% - 29
Other: 9% - 17
Don't know: 5% -10
Total votes: 186

While this may hold in Schoharie and other Upstate counties, Cuomo is still the clear favorite statewide.

Poll: Readers Overwhelmingly Disapprove of Cuomo

Written By Editor on 6/16/14 | 6/16/14

Schoharie News readers overwhelmingly disapproved of Governor Andrew Cuomo's job performance in a recent poll conducted over the past week. Mr. Cuomo has faced a wave of bipartisan resentment over his widely unpopular gun control law, the "SAFE Act," particularly across Upstate New York. 

With slightly less than two hundred votes cast only 16% of readers approved of the first term executive's performance in Albany, while 80% view the rumored White House hopeful negatively. The remaining 4% were undecided.

This is in stark contrast with statewide polls that show Mr. Cuomo's approval ratings in the high fifties to low sixties as he prepares to take on Republican Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino in the fall. Schoharie County is expected to go strongly for Astorino after barely backing Paladino in 2010. 

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