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Iroquois Museum Holding Tattoo Exhibit

Written By Editor on 9/5/13 | 9/5/13

The Iroquois Indian Museum is holding an exhibit on tribal tattoos known as Indian Ink. The exhibit will take place through November. From their website:
Inspired by Mohawk artist/curator Ryan Rice's Native Love exhibit and a presentation by Carla Hemlock of Kahnawake, IndianInk will showcase contemporary tattoo art, both the work of young Haudenosaunee designers such as Lyle Logan and Ike Hopper and skin art selected and commissioned by others. Once widespread among Indigenous peoples of the northeast, the patterns and practices of this extraordinary tradition of body modification had declined by the mid 1800s as a consequence of Christianity, assimilation, and relocation. Today, this ancient art is undergoing a spectacular resurgence in Native and non-Native communities. IndianInk will include contemporary expressions with political, cultural, philosophical, or personal significance and a look back at historical tattooing.

Middleburgh Library Asking for Haunted Library Volunteers

The Middleburgh Libary is looking for volunteers to assist with its annual Haunted Library event. The two-day event will take place between October 25-26th. Last year's second day had to be canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.
The Middleburgh Library is looking for a few good gouls to help at this years hellraising- I mean fundraising event. We are in need of volunteers for Friday October 25th(setup) Saturday 26th (setup and participate) and Sunday 27th to breakdown. This is the first of many meetings that will occur between now and the actual event. Please consider joining us and donating any bit of time you are able- so that we may all have a freakishly good time.

Travis Launches Campaign Push

Cobleskill Police Chief Larry Travis has kicked off his campaign with a push for signs across the county. Todd Ethington and Tony Desmond signs now dot all sixteen towns and Travis is looking to follow. He calls upon his followers to ask for signs. He waited until after the Labor Day holiday to begin the effort and is looking to build momentum since securing the Democratic nomination.

Desmond Campaigning on Second Amendment Issues

Incumbent Sheriff Anthony Desmond is making his support for gun rights known loud and clear. Desmond, a staunch opponent of the NY SAFE Act has posted a photo to his campaign facebook page showing his support. Desmond, a veteran and former State Trooper is in the running for a second term this fall.
From his Facebook Page

Fall Brings Three-Way Sheriff's Race to Schoharie County

Fall for Schoharie County might typically represent beautiful foliage, crisp apple cider and the return of turkey and deer hunting season, but this year features a political twist for residents this November: a three-way Sheriff's election that has merged political and departmental lines to create the most interesting local race in years.

On the Republican ticket we have incumbent Sheriff Tony Desmond, who was originally elected to his position on the Democrat and Conservative lines in 2009 against Bill Slater, while the Democrats - furious at Sheriff Desmond's party hopping - have put up the highly competent and experience Cobleskill Police Chief Larry Travis as their candidate and perhaps the most daring candidate of all, Conservative Todd Ethington, a deputy-sheriff who is challenging his boss Mr. Desmond. 

As it stands, voters have two months to consider their three choices and ultimately make a decision in the ballot box, including myself, the editor of The Schoharie News, which hopes to bring you continuous updates on the state of this vitally important election, and as we learn more about the candidates, perhaps we'll be prepared to cast our vote for the next Sheriff. 

One way or another, with all candidates hitting the campaign trail and placing their yard signs across the county - it is going to make for a very interesting political season that could come down to yet again just dozens of votes to decide who will hold our most important public office until 2017.

Gibson Asks for Opinions on Syria

Written By Editor on 9/4/13 | 9/4/13

Congressman Chris Gibson has sent out an email asking for his constituents to chime in on the issue of Syria. Gibson opposes action in that country. 

 As you know, the President has asked Congress to authorize military action against Syria. I am strongly opposed to this, and will vote no. It is my judgment, as a 29-year veteran of our Armed Forces, that military intervention would make the situation worse and make us responsible for that conflict. You can read my full statement here:
Do you agree with my position? Or do you want the United States to take military action? Click here to take the survey:

Gibson Opposes Syria Action

The Washington Post has Schoharie County's Congressman, Chris Gibson (R-NY19), opposed to authorizing military strikes in the Syrian civil war. What are your thoughts on the impending vote in Congress to authorize U.S. force and Congressman Gibson's stance?

Cobleskill, Jefferson Kick-Off Schoharie County School Year

After a beautiful Schoharie County summer, that featured scorching July afternoons and cool August nights, concluding with a late blast of humidity this past Labor Day, the 2013-14 school year is returning to local school districts across the county. Below is a schedule of openings for Schoharie County's six districts:


Grades 1-5, 6 and 9 start classes September 4th. Followed by a staff development day September 5th and full class for all grades September 6th.


Superintendent Conference day September 4th, followed by full classes for all grades September 5th and September 6th. Also, Class of 2016 dance on the 6th.


Full class for all grades September 4th - 6th.


Staff development day September 4th, followed by full class for all grades September 5th and September 6th.


Staff development day September 4th, followed by full class for all grades September 5th and September 6th.

Sharon Springs

Staff development day September 4th, followed by full class for all grades September 5th and September 6th.

I hope everyone has a great school year, especially to Seniors who begin their lives and careers in just nine more months.

Landis Hosting Outside Show

Written By Editor on 7/20/13 | 7/20/13

Landis Arboretum is continuing its summer event series with an outside show next week. The Mettawee River Theater Company will be hosting the play Taliesin, based on Welsh folklore.
From the Mettawee River Theater Company's Facebook page
The Arboretum's site continues:

This will be a magical evening, intriguing for adults and children alike. Bring a lawn chair or blanket for seating. Call us at (518) 875-6935 or email us at for more information. This event is made possible in part with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered through the Community Arts Grants Fund by the Greene County Council on the Arts.

Shoharie County Readies For July 4th Celebration

Written By Editor on 7/3/13 | 7/3/13

Cobleskill and the Sunshine Fair are gearing up for an eventful July fourth celebration tomorrow afternoon entering into evening, as the fairgrounds will open up at two for Independence Day related activities, followed by a parade stretching from Country Boy reality to the fairgrounds and to cap everything, a wonderful fireworks display that can seen for miles around the Village and Town of Cobleskill at dark.
The Old Stone Fort will also be holding Independence Day related events in Schoharie, as they will hold readings of the Declaration of Independence and other Revolutionary War era speeches and documents to commemorate the 237th anniversary of our nation's separation from British tyranny. The first reading is scheduled to start at eleven tomorrow morning.

Chris Gibson Leads House Effort on Syrian Conflict

Congressman Chris Gibson, the 19th congressional district's Republican representative, has been keeping himself busy in the House of Representatives as of late: visiting the fine folks of Fort Plain following their devastating flood last week and working for passage of the new farm bill.
But his most important congressional project involves foreign affairs, or more specifically our role in the Syrian conflict.
Gibson, along with a bipartisan contingent of Congressmen, introduced legislation prohibiting the U.S. government from sending or aiding the Syrian opposition to Bashar al-Assad's regime without explicit congressional authorization in any form, due to concerns of increasing U.S. involvement in the embattled nation's conflict through means other than humanitarian.
Although Congress is unlikely to support such a measure, with Republican hawks keeping all options open and Democratic idealists committed to an international solution, I find it rather fortunate Schoharie County's elected representative is in the forefront of one of the world's most important geopolitical situations developing today.

Old Stone Fort Prepares July 4th Celebration

Written By Editor on 7/2/13 | 7/2/13

The Old Stone Fort is preparing its annual Independence Day event for this Thursday. The museum is holding an event that is intended to draw parallels between the Patriots' fight for independence and modern day events. The event will take place between 10 am and 5 pm with documents being read at 11 am and 2pm.
Photo credit: Old Stone Fort Facebook

Donations Collected for Mohawk Valley Relief

Donations are being collected in Sharon Springs to help the victims of recent flooding in the Mohawk Valley. Remembering the emergency servicepeople and volunteers that assisted this area in 2011, Schoharie County is giving back.
Photo credit Facebook

Neary Appointed Acting Director of Emergency Services

The Schoharie News has learned that nine-term Village of Richmondville Mayor, and current interim director of the Emergency Management Office, Kevin Neary has been appointed to serve as acting director of Emergency Services, an umbrella group that will unite all county emergency operations under one tent.
Mr. Neary, who has served in an interim basis at the EMO for some time now, has impressed county officials far and wide with not only his general emergency management skills, but his impassioned feelings for Schoharie County and managing flood relief and prevention in the Valley.
His new charge will involve overseeing the county's entire emergency apparatus, from the Management Office he just led to the Fire Prevention Office and everything in between. Mr. Neary is obviously well trusted by county officials to be promoted to such a vital and important position in the aftermath of Irene.
First order of business? Perhaps helping the county figure out relocation for all emergency related offices out of the flood plain and united under one roof where our most important officials can work closer together in times of crisis.

Cuomo to Ask for Federal Emergency Declaration for Mohawk Valley Flooding

The flash flooding that Middleburgh and Schoharie were hit with on June 14th has been eclipsed with the raging waters that hit the Mohawk Valley over the last several days. Now Governor Andrew Cuomo is asking the President to declare the area a federal disaster area. This would increase focus on the flooding issues and would also increase funding opportunities to help cover much of the damage. The Governor said:
There are many other municipalities that cannot yet begin to assess damages as floodwaters have not receded. This number also does not affect damages to state owned property, such as the canal system, nor does it capture the cost of debris removal or emergency protective measures. The true cost of this disaster will only be known once the waters recede in all affected areas and all of the damage becomes evident. We are confident that once we complete damage assessments in these areas, it will far exceed the state’s per capita threshold of $26.7 million.
There is no word if this will include earlier flooding in Schoharie County earlier last month.

SALT Raises $16,000 at Bounty of the County

Schoharie County Long Term Recovery held a well-attended event to raise awareness and money for flood victims. The Bounty of the County event was a success, raising $16,000 to aid further recovery efforts.
The fundraiser, organized by Albany-based Wine & Dine for the Arts to help restore homes and businesses damaged two years ago by Tropical Storm Irene, was held one day after much of the village of Fort Plain in neighboring Montgomery County was wiped out by flooding.
Photo Credit: Jerrine Corallo

Central Bridge Fire Department Holds July Meeting

The Central Bridge Fire Department held their July meeting last night amid an ominous warning of more flooding for nearby Montgomery County, which has suffered tremendously over the past couple of days from severe flooding, and worries of our own county's potential for even more flash flooding.
Approximately three dozen members attended the meeting, where they learned the department raised almost $500 during a mid-June fundraiser held at the firehouse and that Chief Scott Johnson and two other firemen were deployed to Herkimer County over the weekend to aid recovery efforts there.
President Travis Hofmann kicked off the meeting by leading the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence honoring their nineteen comrades who perished battling an Arizona wildfire.
Members were lively through out the meeting, even during a few serious points where Chief Johnson discussed issues privately addressed to him concerning the department, reminding everyone that they're all in this for the good of their community and not themselves.
The Central Bridge Fire Department meets the first Monday of every month and is one of the finest and closet knit departments in the entire county.

Baker Avenue Pavilion Set For Formal Opening Saturday

Written By Editor on 7/1/13 | 7/1/13

The brainchild of Village Trustee Bill Morton, the Baker Avenue Pavilion in Middleburgh is set for its formal opening this Saturday during the Village's Middleburgh Pride Day.

Funded by the New York State Main Street Grant and originally slated for completion under former Mayor Bill McCabe's watch in 2008, the pavilion was constructed between April and June of this year by BOCES and other volunteers after the idea was resurrected by the Village Board.
Mayor Matthew Avitabile, in a brief email exchange, said "It is another improvement for the community," and that he was "very thankful to those that have made this happen."
The pavilion and other community projects will be showcased during this weekend's community event, which will feature a walking tour and other activities from eleven in the morning until seven Saturday evening.

Sharon Springs Community Garage Sale July 20th

With the Village of Sharon Springs welcoming their new Mayor into office, they will be kicking off their summer with a community wide garage sale on July 20th, the local Chamber of Commerce reminded us on their facebook page yesterday afternoon.
According to the post, registrations are still available for interested persons and they can either stop at the Methodist Church tomorrow evening or next Tuesday night between 7-8 pm, or contact Donna Barlow at 518-284-2675. This year's garage sales are being held one week earlier than in the past.
Also in Sharon Springs: the Chamber of Commerce will be meeting on Thursday, July 11th, 7 pm at The Black Pearl on Route 20, which is a fine establishment owned by Elizabeth Barr with reasonable prices and delicious menu options.

Editorial: Support The Old Stone Fort

July 1st, 2013
Timothy Knight

With dark clouds looming in the distance, as is the case with most of our late spring/early summer days thus far this year, me and my girlfriend decided to take a nice drive and visit Schoharie's Old Stone Fort as part of Howe Cavern's neighbor-to-neighbor program, where employees can visit other tourist locations in the county for free.

We stepped out of the twenty first century confines of her car and into a pillar of early Schoharie County and American history from the late eighteenth century, when our home was besieged in brutal fighting between Patriots, Loyalists, Indians and German mercenaries during the American Revolution.
 And right in the middle of it all was what we call today the Old Stone Fort and two hundred thirty years ago was known as the lower of three forts constructed in Schoharie County to defend settlers from loyalist and Indian raids, and when not in use as a militia outpost, a house of worship for the Dutch Reformed.
 As we approached the entrance a kindly gentlemen who volunteers his time when the Fort has no one else to keep shop greeted us and led us through the giant wooden door that stands between the outside world and the county's finest collection of 18th and 19th century war, tool and historical memorabilia.
 And immediately I was impressed by a new display showcasing rarely seen memorabilia from the 134th New York Regiment, which was trained and housed at the Fort during the Civil War. Apparently the regiment was routed in their campaigns and few artifacts survived their trials, but a Southern gentlemen rediscovered a collection of what remained in garage stores across Florida and donated them to the Fort.
 Completing a one-hundred fifty year journey, I'm sure, for some of the artifacts from date of use until their long delayed return to home.
 We didn't traverse to the outer buildings, as the kindly gentlemen already closed them down for the day as storm clouds were fast approaching and the likelihood of more visitors was low, so we talked with him for a while about different tourist locations and about the Fort itself, and in that I found the inspiration for this, and I apologize, long editorial.
 Apparently the Old Stone Fort is suffering from a lack of funding and is having a hard time affording even basic help, relying almost entirely on volunteers to staff the museum in their spare time for what few guests are making the journey, which is an absolute shame and something must be done about this within our county.
 The history and heritage of the Fort doesn't belong just to the men and women of the late seventeenth and early eighteen centuries who helped build and defend this county, but to all of us. Every Schoharie County resident has a stake in the pride of that Fort that stood strong against the British forces and trained Union soldiers.
 We all have a piece of that can do colonial spirit in our bones, and if not for those who came before us, we would not be who we are today. And seeing as such, we need to do our part in preserving our heritage and supporting our Fort.
 So with that in mind, if you're looking for something to do Independence Day with the kids, or any other day for that matter, where you will learn about your past and take a fascinating journey in time, head on down to our Fort which proudly stands just off of Route 30 in beautiful Schoharie.
 There are always kind individuals keeping the Fort open every day for interested individuals and our history is just waiting to be explored and enjoyed, and with every dime going towards a good cause, why not contribute to the up keeping of Schoharie County's finest historical treasure.
 Head on down to the Fort today! History is just a short drive away...

The Best of the Summer

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