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The Best Gifts from Schoharie County

Hundreds Turn out for Schoharie Garage Sales

Written By Editor on 9/8/13 | 9/8/13

Schoharie was alight with activity yesterday as hundreds of locals and folks from out of town descended on the community celebrating its long recovery. The traditional garage sale day was buttressed with events from the Schoharie Promotional Association including a bake sale and its Junk in the Trunk event.

Schoharie FD Holding Fundrasier on 21st

The Schoharie Volunteer Fire Department is holding its annual Rock the Valley event that emerged out of the 2011 flooding.

More information on their Facebook page.

Ethington Barnstorms in Desmond Country

Candidate for Sheriff Todd Ethington stepped into the lion's den as he began campaigning in Sharon Springs. Current Sheriff Tony Desmond had been Town Supervisor of the community for ten years after serving as Village Trustee and Deputy Mayor-- and in 2009 it was the strongest Desmond stronghold. Ethington's campaigning yesterday represented a bold strategy as the Sheriff lauds a recent large drug bust. The candidate wrote on his campaign page:
The Village of Sharon Springs opened their doors and hearts to me today, I would like to thank them all for allowing me to come into their homes and speak to them about the issues at hand.
Ethington's insurgent campaign was complicated by Desmond's party switching next year and this could be a drive towards another shift.

Desmond Hails Big Marijuana Bust

Covered by Channel 9, YNN:

MCS Names Davidson as Principal

Written By Editor on 9/6/13 | 9/6/13

Tracy Davidson has been named as new principal at Middleburgh elementary school. She replaces long-time Principal Amy Lennon who retired in June.

Davidson was given a probationary three-year appointment by the board at a salary of $66,667 for the first year.

Cobleskill Dems to Pick Candidate

Cobleskill town Democrats will select their candidate for supervisor Tuesday evening at 7pm in the community room of the library on Union Street.

Tom Murray, a Democrat, is currently the Cobleskill supervisor but should expect opposition. He has served two terms and was re-elected two years ago over Republican Ken Hotopp despite being implicated in the infamous "N" word incident in Cobleskill.

Cobleskill Republicans have already selected former Cobleskill-Richmondville school board member Leo McAllister to run for supervisor.

Murray's seat is very important in the Democrats retaining control of the county board. Murray, though, did not back Carl Barbic of Seward, his father-in-law, for chairman two years ago. Harold Vroman of Summit, a Republican, was elected chairman instead.

Route 7 Project Begins

Ground was finally broken on the long-awaited Route 7 water and sewer project last week. It is hoped that the $9.2 million project to extend water and sewer lines will lead to economic growth along the road.

The town, Howe Caverns, the county and grants will pay for the project. A new Stewart's on the corner of Routes 7 and 145 is already planned and other businesses may in the works for Route 7.

Broome Fire Department to Host Harvest Moon Dance

The Broome Fire Department will be hosting a Harvest Moon Dance on Saturday October 19th, 6-10 pm to benefit their local department. Price of admission is $7 per person, guests are invited to bring their own drinks and enjoy the Peaceful Country band perform.
According to the event's facebook page, Broome Town Supervisor Anne Batz and Schoharie County Sheriff candidate Todd Ethington are expected to attend, giving the Harvest Moon Dance some big supporters from within and outside their humble fire district. 

Bill Cherry: Defending the Interests of the County

Written By Editor on 9/5/13 | 9/5/13

A lot has been made about Schoharie County Treasurer Bill Cherry's decision to wade into Jefferson's Town election this year. His action in sending letters to every one of the Republican voters in the Town proved decisive in taking down the incumbent Supervisor Dan Singletary. Cherry wrote in part that he "has squandered his chance to get things done for Jefferson by becoming the object of public scorn as a result of his dramatics and bluster at the monthly meetings of the county Board of Supervisors."

 Singletary, who has become known as perhaps the most combative County Supervisor, did not appreciate the barb. He accused Cherry of campaigning against him, which the Treasurer does not deny. Still, the 69-36 vote split broke decisively against Mr. Singletary and towards Sean Jordan, who appears primed to win in November.

 While there has been some criticism of Cherry's role in the caucus, it is obvious that his actions have defended the interests of the taxpayers of Schoharie County. Mr. Cherry represents the voters of Jefferson the same as Mr. Singletary-- and indeed for far longer. Mr. Cherry grew tired of the obstinance that Mr. Singletary represented on the County Board, such as that of former Seward Town Supervisor Larry Phillips.

 Mr. Cherry has made a name for himself defending the interests of the taxpayers of Schoharie County. Mr. Singletary's antics are not becoming of an elected official and Mr. Cherry has made sure that such an appellation will not refer to him as such for much longer.

Town of Fulton Democratic Caucus Tonight

The Democratic Part of the Town of Fulton is holding its caucus for Town officials tonight at the Fulton Town Hall. Incumbent Supervisor Phil Skowfoe is not expected to have intraparty competition.

Launching our Political Coverage

The Schoharie News is launching its political coverage to inform on the Sheriff's Race and the 14 Supervisor's races this year. Keep checking for more information!

Middleburgh Library Marks Two Years of Recovery

The Middleburgh Library somberly remembered its long journey to recover from Hurricane Irene. The August 2011 storm was so bad that one leader of the Library even stated that the loved center of the community would "never open again." Now with the Library more popular than ever, it marked the occasion on its Facebook page.

It continued:
Look how far we've come in two years!! A heartfelt thank you again, to Steve and Anne Lamont, the rest of the library board, our staff and the countless volunteers who helped us get back on our feet. We are so blessed to be part of this community!!!

Iroquois Museum Holding Tattoo Exhibit

The Iroquois Indian Museum is holding an exhibit on tribal tattoos known as Indian Ink. The exhibit will take place through November. From their website:
Inspired by Mohawk artist/curator Ryan Rice's Native Love exhibit and a presentation by Carla Hemlock of Kahnawake, IndianInk will showcase contemporary tattoo art, both the work of young Haudenosaunee designers such as Lyle Logan and Ike Hopper and skin art selected and commissioned by others. Once widespread among Indigenous peoples of the northeast, the patterns and practices of this extraordinary tradition of body modification had declined by the mid 1800s as a consequence of Christianity, assimilation, and relocation. Today, this ancient art is undergoing a spectacular resurgence in Native and non-Native communities. IndianInk will include contemporary expressions with political, cultural, philosophical, or personal significance and a look back at historical tattooing.

Middleburgh Library Asking for Haunted Library Volunteers

The Middleburgh Libary is looking for volunteers to assist with its annual Haunted Library event. The two-day event will take place between October 25-26th. Last year's second day had to be canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.
The Middleburgh Library is looking for a few good gouls to help at this years hellraising- I mean fundraising event. We are in need of volunteers for Friday October 25th(setup) Saturday 26th (setup and participate) and Sunday 27th to breakdown. This is the first of many meetings that will occur between now and the actual event. Please consider joining us and donating any bit of time you are able- so that we may all have a freakishly good time.

Travis Launches Campaign Push

Cobleskill Police Chief Larry Travis has kicked off his campaign with a push for signs across the county. Todd Ethington and Tony Desmond signs now dot all sixteen towns and Travis is looking to follow. He calls upon his followers to ask for signs. He waited until after the Labor Day holiday to begin the effort and is looking to build momentum since securing the Democratic nomination.

Desmond Campaigning on Second Amendment Issues

Incumbent Sheriff Anthony Desmond is making his support for gun rights known loud and clear. Desmond, a staunch opponent of the NY SAFE Act has posted a photo to his campaign facebook page showing his support. Desmond, a veteran and former State Trooper is in the running for a second term this fall.
From his Facebook Page

Fall Brings Three-Way Sheriff's Race to Schoharie County

Fall for Schoharie County might typically represent beautiful foliage, crisp apple cider and the return of turkey and deer hunting season, but this year features a political twist for residents this November: a three-way Sheriff's election that has merged political and departmental lines to create the most interesting local race in years.

On the Republican ticket we have incumbent Sheriff Tony Desmond, who was originally elected to his position on the Democrat and Conservative lines in 2009 against Bill Slater, while the Democrats - furious at Sheriff Desmond's party hopping - have put up the highly competent and experience Cobleskill Police Chief Larry Travis as their candidate and perhaps the most daring candidate of all, Conservative Todd Ethington, a deputy-sheriff who is challenging his boss Mr. Desmond. 

As it stands, voters have two months to consider their three choices and ultimately make a decision in the ballot box, including myself, the editor of The Schoharie News, which hopes to bring you continuous updates on the state of this vitally important election, and as we learn more about the candidates, perhaps we'll be prepared to cast our vote for the next Sheriff. 

One way or another, with all candidates hitting the campaign trail and placing their yard signs across the county - it is going to make for a very interesting political season that could come down to yet again just dozens of votes to decide who will hold our most important public office until 2017.

Gibson Asks for Opinions on Syria

Written By Editor on 9/4/13 | 9/4/13

Congressman Chris Gibson has sent out an email asking for his constituents to chime in on the issue of Syria. Gibson opposes action in that country. 

 As you know, the President has asked Congress to authorize military action against Syria. I am strongly opposed to this, and will vote no. It is my judgment, as a 29-year veteran of our Armed Forces, that military intervention would make the situation worse and make us responsible for that conflict. You can read my full statement here:
Do you agree with my position? Or do you want the United States to take military action? Click here to take the survey:

Gibson Opposes Syria Action

The Washington Post has Schoharie County's Congressman, Chris Gibson (R-NY19), opposed to authorizing military strikes in the Syrian civil war. What are your thoughts on the impending vote in Congress to authorize U.S. force and Congressman Gibson's stance?

Cobleskill, Jefferson Kick-Off Schoharie County School Year

After a beautiful Schoharie County summer, that featured scorching July afternoons and cool August nights, concluding with a late blast of humidity this past Labor Day, the 2013-14 school year is returning to local school districts across the county. Below is a schedule of openings for Schoharie County's six districts:


Grades 1-5, 6 and 9 start classes September 4th. Followed by a staff development day September 5th and full class for all grades September 6th.


Superintendent Conference day September 4th, followed by full classes for all grades September 5th and September 6th. Also, Class of 2016 dance on the 6th.


Full class for all grades September 4th - 6th.


Staff development day September 4th, followed by full class for all grades September 5th and September 6th.


Staff development day September 4th, followed by full class for all grades September 5th and September 6th.

Sharon Springs

Staff development day September 4th, followed by full class for all grades September 5th and September 6th.

I hope everyone has a great school year, especially to Seniors who begin their lives and careers in just nine more months.

The Best of the Summer

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